Ryan Betz Race Report 5 CHICAGO
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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I went to Chicago for the rock n roll marathon and it was quite an experience. There were 20,000 competitors there so it was the biggest race besides the Indianapolis mini. The weather was great but I did have one major problem. My friend, Clare Chandler broke my big toe !!!


It was two days before the run too so everything was planned and I had to just grin and bear it. But I must say it was worth the experience. The run course was beautiful right on lake Michigan and you ran right around all the city. I highly recommend the rock n roll series because of it's amazingly good organization and the rock bands were very high quality.


My next run will be another 13.1 and it is in Minneapolis.



Race Report written by Ryan Betz


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Local winners, sold-out field of 25,000 and celebrity runners go by Windy City landmarks
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CHICAGO - (August 1, 2010) - On Sunday morning, greetings from Access Hollywood's Maria Menounos, cow bells clamoring, rocking bands and the cheers from thousands of spectators helped bring Patrick Rizzo, 26, of Schaumburg, Illinois over the Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon finish line in 1 hour, 6 minutes, 19 seconds. This was Patrick's first Rock 'n' Roll series win as he had placed second at the Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Half Marathon in 2009 and 2010.
Ryan Betz Race Report 4 BOSTON
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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Boston is one of my favorite cities. The race was actually in the town called Canton. It was another 13.1 run and it was a very hilly course. I compleated the race with a decent time of 1:45 due to the hills. Also having to wake up at 4:30am on the day of the race was quite a difficult task as well. Though all and all, I compleated the race and got it done. I am now looking forward to the Chicago race on August 1 which should have a very large turnout.

Rock 'n' Roll Marathon atop city's sporting events
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In hindsight, it was a can’t-miss combination: adding a half-marathon to the already successful Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon and having both races finish at SeaWorld.

A record 29,858 runners registered for the June 6 event, and now a study shows just what economic difference the changes to San Diego’s signature marathon made.

The report, prepared by Scott Minto, director of the sports MBA program at San Diego State University, suggests that for the first time, the race generated more hotel room stays and had a larger economic effect than the Holiday Bowl, another big annual San Diego sporting event.

The marathon generated 41,766 hotel room nights and $54.2 million in economic impact, including more than $34 million in direct visitor spending, according to the study. It attracted 37,463 out-of-town visitors.

Gold Coast Half Marathon race report
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Thursday, 08 July 2010


Last weekend I ran in the Gold Coast Half Marathon. I started training back in the beginning of March as summer waned in the southern hemisphere. My goal was a personal best, aiming to beat my previous best of 1:43:38. At the beginning of the training I believed this was a feasible goal, but the last few weeks leading up to the race I was doubtful as I had been travelling a lot and was not very mentally prepared for the race.


The race started at 6am in Gold Coast, about an hour’s drive from Brisbane. My running partner Ken drove me down (though he did not run in the race that day), and a PhD student from the office, Chai Wen, also came along to cheer me on: the biggest cheering squad I’ve had since high school cross country. (Though sadly I didn’t see them, nor did they see me, the entire race.)


I was not particularly thrilled about running that morning. I didn’t sleep well the night before, and when the alarm went off at 4:00am I seriously thought about skipping the race. I managed to get myself up and out the door though.


The temperature before the start of the race was around 8°C, so I decided to run in long sleeves. I started off at the front of the 1:40-1:50 time block, and that was fairly close to the front of the race. I crossed the start line within a minute of the start of the race, with U2′s “Beautiful Day” blaring over the loudspeakers.


The first kilometre was slow for me, as it always is, with so many people crowded into such a small area. By the second kilometre I was on my target pace of 4:45/km, or 12.6km/hr. I did not have much of a plan for the race, beyond “run at or slightly better than my target pace the entire race”. I was able to do this easily for the first few kilometres and was feeling quite good, so by kilometre 5 I was confident I had a good chance at achieving both a personal best and my stretch goal of 1 hour 40 minutes.


At around kilometre 7 or 8, I noticed someone ahead of me running exactly my pace. I stuck with her, just a few feet behind, for over 10km. I felt solid straight through to kilometre 18, with very consistent split times, no more than a few seconds off my target. At around 18.5, I started to feel a bit tired, and noticed my pacer was fading a bit too. I left my pacer behind to ensure that I stayed at my target pace. Kilometres 19 and 20 were a bit tough, but I picked it up in kilometre 21 and finished strong, albeit without much of a sprint.


My watch showed a finish time of 1:40:08, which I was quite happy with, but it was just a tad over the elusive 1:40:00. When I got home and checked the “chip time” results, which corresponds to the time the race coordinators recorded for me as my timing chip crossed the start and finish lines, it was 1:39:59. Who am I to argue with that?


I was quite surprised, really, to have achieved that personal best and to beat 1 hour 40 minutes. Analyzing the data when I got home, I was pleased to see that I had a strong negative split, with the second half of the race being a full minute faster than the first half of the race. I’m very pleased with the result and enjoyed the training leading up to the race.


My next race is in four weeks’ time. Ken and I are going to run a 10k here in Brisbane, with a goal of speed. I haven’t run for speed in a long time — ever, really — so this will be literally and figuratively a change of pace.

Written by Douglas Stebila

The 14th Chicago Half Marathon
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14th Running of the Chicago Half Marathon & 5K takes place on Sunday, September 12, 2010. The 13th Annual Chicago Half Marathon & 5K sold out at 20,0000 participants. Don’t miss your chance to participate in this 14th annual event. The Chicago Half is the fifth largest half marathon in the U.S. and the 21st largest road race in the country.

Click through to our Calendar to find the race and register.

Lee Merrien wins Guernsey half marathon
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Lee Merrien was on top form to win the Guernsey half marathon on Sunday in a time of 64 minutes 54 seconds.

Visiting athlete Ben Moreau, who was just ahead of Merrien in the London Marathon, finished in second just under three minutes behind.

Bronwyn McNeill-Roger was the first woman to finish, coming home in at time of 1:22:18.

Andre Reece Sheerin was the first wheelchair athlete to finish, ending the race in 1:22.22.

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Rain fails to put dampener on half marathon
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AN "electric atmosphere" gripped Pittencrieff Park as the SignPlus Dunfermline Half Marathon got under starters orders at the weekend.

Runners refused to let the rainy weather put a dampener on proceedings as they limbered up to run in the 25th anniversary of the race.

A Scotland v England challenge match added spice and quality to the head of the field of runners as they ran over the newly designed course. Shettleston Eritrean Tsegezab Woldemichael was looking to retain his title and soon hit the front as the runners headed out along the cycle path towards Oakley and Cairneyhill.

Though chased by club colleague Tsegai Tewelde, Woldemichael opened up a 22-second gap and he was able to return home unpressed, crossing the finishing line at Pittencreiff Park in a time of 64 minutes and 47 seconds.

GB internationalist Rebecca Robinson placed 11th overall to emerge as the female winner in a time of 74 minutes and 48 seconds.

Falkirk Victoria athlete Fiona Matheson took second female, to win the Scottish championship and Scottish veteran championship, while England defeated Scotland in the challenge match.

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