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Halfmarathon.com would like to welcome Ryan Betz from Indiana, a 14 year and probably one of the youngest half-marathon runners around.


In the first week of April, Ryan Betz headed to New York City for his Spring Break. He has set an ambitious target to start running half-marathon races in all each state of America over the next four years.


For doing so, he hopes to raise at least $100,000 for charity.


His second run will be the Indianapolis 500 Mini-Marathon in early May. He will need to run a half-marathon almost every month over the next four years during high school to meet this goal.



As best we can tell, this is the first attempt to accomplish such a feat by anyone – young or old. It’s especially noteworthy that he comes from Indianapolis, the home of the world’s largest mini-marathon.


Ryan is only 14 years old now and plans to complete this personal mission by the end of his senior year in high school. He will be submitting his race reports to Halfmarathon.com so we can keep up to date with his progress across America. Here is his first race report from his New York Half on the 3rd April.


Visit his website ryanrunning.org


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