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12-Year Old to Run Half-Marathon to Raise Money for Kids with Cancer
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Alexander Abramson doesn’t know when to quit. A student at Rohr Middle School in North Miami Beach, he consistently won awards for learning the most Mishnayot and reading the most books in a year. His passions are not all intellectual, however—he also holds a Junior Black Belt from Moti Horenstein’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy. Now he is embarking on a new challenge: to run a half-marathon for kids with cancer.

“I’ve always loved running,” says Alexander, who runs regularly as part of his martial arts training, “but one day my dad showed me a video of Terry Fox, the Canadian hero. He was 18 when he lost a leg to cancer, but he didn’t let it get him down: he made a vow to run all across Canada to raise money for cancer research. He ran over 3,000 miles, like from Miami to Seattle, before the cancer spread to his lungs and he had to stop, but he raised ten million dollars.”


Alexander plans to run eleven laps of a 1.2 mile loop around the canal in North Miami Beach. All the proceeds will be given to the Joe Dimaggio Children's Hospital for kids with caner. He has been training all summer, both on the roads and on the trails in Oleta River State Park to improve his lung capacity, coordination and leg strength. His fans can follow his training schedule on the website set up to support his run, which is scheduled for 9:00 am, Sunday, August 29:


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