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Ryan Betz Race Report 1 NEW YORK
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Sunday, 11 April 2010

I finished my first race in New York on April 3. My time in the race was approximately 1:43 min. This time should pick up for my next race because I had a cold which drained a lot of my energy for the race. On May 8 I hope to run somewhere in to the low 30's. This race will be in Indianapolis and the second run of my project.


The New York event was part of a 13.1 series where they run all across America mini-marathons. It was very hot outside so not tough conditions but you were worn down quickly because of the heat. The competitors was nothing big but about 5,000 people.


The course was generally flat and was not to hard to run on. My next race is in Indy which is not part of the 13.1 series. The website for that run though



This will be a great run because their will be up to 35,000 people and it is the state I have been born and raised in.

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