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Ryan Betz Race Report 3 ANN ARBOR
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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon is hosted by the Ann Arbor track club every year.

It wasn't my best race so far, I was feeling good in the morning but my legs did not feel great. The temperature was great but I wore two shirts thinking it would be cold. This made my run much more tiring as I warmed up during the race. There were about 6000 runners competing and a good amount of top runners.

The course was pretty hilly, but not to bad. For some reason or another, when I ran, I had to make a stop to go to the bathroom which cost me time. Though I will say I think this has been the most organized event I have done so far. I finished 526 overall in 1:44 which is slow for me and I am still sore from my bad run.

My next race is in Boston on June 26 which is one of the 13.1 series half marathons so looking forward to that.


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