Ryan Betz Race Report 6 MINNESOTA
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Minnesota was my next stop and when I got there, I saw that Minneapolis is a very modern city.

This was another 13.1 series run which are usually very well organized. Though there were only 2000 runners in the half marathon race. On the day of the race the weather was perfect. It was about 68 degrees and in the shade. I finished in about 1:44 having to stop to go to the bathroom in the middle.

I really liked the pacers in the race so I knew about how far i was to finish. I also felt a much better confidence now that I have been running every day on the cross country team. Unfortunately High School rules do not allow me to run any sanctioned half marathons during the season. This means I will have to put my Half Marathon program on hold for a few months.

Maybe I can finally relax for a couple months in good old Indiana.

Race Report written by Ryan Betz

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