A very bad run but I’m pretty lucky.

First came shock, then came ugly crying on the side of the road for 5 minutes.

We were doing a one mile speed interval, and we were at a 5:45 pace.  I was directly behind my friends, and before we realized it, there was a sinkhole (I wish the picture would do it justice because it was huge).  It’s the strangest feeling to expect your foot to hit the ground, and then it doesn’t; I flew.  The only thing that went through my brain as I fell was what my BIL taught me, “tuck and roll.”  My BIL is the BYU Cosmo Coach and dunk team coach, so he knows all about falling.  I’m happy I tucked and rolled because if I had put my hands out, I think I would have snapped my wrist or something.  I landed on my side and just lay on the ground for a bit before trying to get up.

I fell right in front of the Utah Valley Marathon race director.  It happened right in front of his house, and he looked at the sinkhole and said that it had to have occurred within the last day or two, so I called the city to let them know because this could cause more serious problems for a biker going faster than me.  It was funny because I have emailed this particular race director for years about advertising, etc., and this was my first time meeting him, sobbing in his front yard.

Luckily, just the skin hurts, and my friend taking this picture with us is the BYU athletic trainer, so he was able to take a look at it, too.

I feel silly about how upset I am over my favorite gloves, but at least they kept my hands from scraping up, too!  I love these gloves so much.

IMG 6878

Now, for the rest of the day…

Beck was concerned that I would forget to pack his ‘hair jelly.’

IMG 6887

Drove south to find some sunshine for spring break:

We found it.

The day ended much better than it started!

Finished up with some star gazing.

Tell me about a fall you’ve taken on

the run!  

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