Agnes Ngetich Sets New 10K World Record in Adidas Takumi Sen Shoes

Agnes Ngetich broke the 10K World Record in a race in Valencia, Spain, today January 14th 2024.

She run the 10K in 28:46, setting the new Record and being the first woman ever to run the 10K in under 29 Minutes.

The Kenyan runner improved on the previous fastest time, by Yalemzerf Yehualaw two years ago, by 28 seconds.

“I am so happy. I didn’t expect this world record. I was coming to improve my time, at least somewhere around 29:14, but I am happy that I ran a world record of 28 minutes. I didn’t expect this.”

Another statistic of note: the unofficial 5 Km split equals the 5 KM World Record.

Agnes was wearing a pair of Adidas Takumi Sen 9 – the German brand’s short distance racer. We recently reviewed the 10 edition of the Takumi Sen.

We spoke about how Marathon world records are crumbling more and more often lately (in our recent article about super-shoes), but it seems middle distances are an open field of play too.

A question for our readers: what is your favorite running shoes for competing in a 10K? Let us know here in the comments!

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