Altra Lone Peak 8 Review

Who should buy the Altra Lone Peak 8 ?

The Altra Lone Peak 8.0 is a great option for trail runners who find themselves running in a variety of different trail conditions.

On more technical terrains, there is ample traction to allow you to really trust your footing and the sole provides plenty of protection to keep your feet happy on lots of rocks and roots.

And on more runnable trails, there are zero concerns about having the ability to open up your stride and really push the pace while wearing the LP8s.

Who should not buy the Altra Lone Peak 8 ?

What makes the Altra Lone Peak 8.0 great is its versatility, but if you’re the kind of trail runner who likes specificity in your shoes, you may not be a fan of the LP8s.

For very runnable trails that you’re planning to race fast? A lighter trail shoe may be preferred.

Similarly, if you’re spending long days on the trails, especially more technical trails, these shoes will work but a more cushioned option may be preferred.

Altra Lone Peak 8 Introduction

The Altra Lone Peak 8.0 is the new version of Altra’s OG trail shoe. The LP8s continue the Lone Peak legacy of really being a “do anything” trail shoe. Whatever the trail conditions and whatever the distance, the LP8s will do the job.

While this is the newest version of the Lone Peaks, I’m really struggling to come up with what’s different about the LP8s vs the LP7s. According to the specs on the Altra website, they are basically the same shoe. The 8s are about a half an ounce lighter, and they are priced slightly cheaper, so I suppose that could count as two minor improvements.

That also says to me that if you liked the LP7s, there’s every reason to think you’ll be quite happy with a pair of LP8s!

Altra Lone Peak 8 Impressions

When I put the shoes on for the first time, the only question I had was how protective the shoes would be. I loved the fit and it felt light on my feet, but I have sensitive feet and don’t like feeling rocks, roots, and other debris from the trail while I’m running.

It didn’t take me long into my first run to set my mind at ease: the Altra Lone Peak 8.0 does a great job providing ample protection without being too heavy.

With every run, I tried to test the Altra Lone Peak 8.0s in different ways. And in every instance, these shoes aced the test! Bombing down hills and pushing the pace on runnable flats?

Great traction and is responsive enough to really move. Steady cruising for a few hours? No issues with comfort or support when I was wrapping up my run. Stepping carefully across rooty sections or areas of slippery rocks/loose gravel? Never a single slip and no issues with sharp edges of stones finding weak spots in the outsole.

If I had to pick the perfect conditions for a pair of LP8s, I’d say that there’s not a better shoe for a trail that has some runnable sections along with some more technical sections.

On a more uniform trail, either a very runnable trail or something quite technical, it might make sense to choose a more specialised shoe for those conditions. But on a trail with some variety, you want a shoe that can do it all. And that is the Altra Lone Peak 8.0.

The Altra Lone Peak 8.0 is the perfect “jack of all trades” trail shoe. Whether you’ve got an ultra on your schedule or some shorter trail races where speed is a focus, these shoes will work.

And if you’re just looking for a training shoe to log some serious mileage in, I have no questions about the durability of this shoe. You will get plenty of miles and great value with a pair of LP8s, no doubt about it.

Altra Lone Peak 8 Protection

The ability of the Altra Lone Peak 8.0 to provide ample protection to my feet on the trail was the only concern I had when I tried them on for the first time. I’m happy to say that after wearing these shoes many times in a variety of trail conditions, I no longer have any concerns with their protective ability.

The Altra Ego midsole and the grippy MaxTrac outsole combine to provide a nice protective layer between your feet and the ground. The combined cushion of these shoes (approx 25 mm) isn’t enough to keep you feeling the terrain and the debris beneath your feet, but it’s more than enough to dull any sharp stone edges or pesky roots that you’re likely to come across on the trail.

The Altra Lone Peak 8.0 also features a light, but sturdy, toe cap. As a runner who fails to pick my feet up on the trail as much as I probably should, the toe caps on the LP8s have saved more than a few toenails since I started wearing these shoes.

Altra Lone Peak 8 Durability

The Altra Lone Peak 8.0s are holding up well after several good trail runs. They really aren’t showing any wear, save from some mud stains thanks to running on some greasy clay trails!

With regards to how they would hold up during a longer distance run, I would feel very comfortable saying your feet will be happy in the LP8s in distances up to, and including, about 50M. They may hold up well for longer-distance races, though something with a little more cushioning may be preferred.

Altra Lone Peak 8 Responsiveness & speed

On a runnable trail, the Altra Lone Peak 8.0 more than holds its own when speed is a priority. For a moderately cushioned shoe, the LP8s are lightweight and very responsive. These shoes will not hinder your speed goals, that’s for sure.

The grip/tread of the LP8s are also an asset when you’re pushing your pace. The tread is aggressive enough to instill confidence with each footfall and to allow a good push-off with each stride, but not so aggressive as to really dig into the trail beneath your feet and slow you down.

Altra Lone Peak 8 Comfort and fit

The Altra Lone Peak 8.0 ticks all the boxes in terms of comfort and fit in my opinion. The shoe fits true to size, is roomy in the toe box, and comfortably snug in the mid-foot and heel cup. I didn’t have any issues with my feet sliding in the shoe, and I didn’t have to tie my shoes tight to keep my feet from moving.

I have zero complaints about the fit of the LP8s at all.

Altra Lone Peak 8 Conclusions

I really have nothing bad to say about the Altra Lone Peak 8.0s. As I’ve said several times in this review, this shoe just does everything well. While there may be other trail shoes that are lighter and faster or that offer more cushion and protection, you’d be hard-pressed to find too many other trail shoes that strike a better balance of extremes.

There are times when labeling something as “middle of the road” insinuates that much is left to be desired. But to me, when it comes to the Altra Lone Peak 8.0, calling it a “middle of the road” trail shoe is meant as a very high compliment. This shoe just delivers, in any trail conditions and in any running/racing environment.

If you’re looking for a solid trail shoe that can do just about anything, good luck finding a better option than the Altra Lone Peak 8.0!

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