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Asics Dynablast 4 Introduction

The Dynablast returns with its 4th iteration.

The 4 continues to be the lower stack height counterpart to the Novablast but with slightly more foam under foot than the 3 targeting the ball and heel striking zones.

This creates a bit more energy return and bounce while still keeping the stack height low.

The upper also has a few updates to improve breathability and comfort.

Asics Dynablast 4 First Impressions

I had the privilege to run in the first version of this shoe and was excited to be able to put some miles in this version and see how it has evolved.

I was super pleased at how far the shoe has come and the overall ride. Unboxing the shoe for the first time I was super impressed with how light this shoe is.

It has been my experience that typically with a more budget friendly shoe that this is an area that you generally are going to have to make a sacrifice, so it’s refreshing to see that this is not the case here.

I really enjoyed the ride on my first outings in the shoe as it was lively but consistent and glad that they gravitated away from the 12mm drop making them feel less clunky.

The Dynablast 4 is comfortable right out of the box and the extra foam under foot helped me feel stable and protected.

Asics Dynablast 4 Upper

The biggest change in the upper of the Dynablast 4 is the Engineered woven upper. Since its inception Asics has chosen to use a knit upper in the shoe which has come with mixed reviews, but in my experience nothing that was a deal breaker.

The woven upper hopefully will eliminate any trepidation runners might have with a knit upper. This new upper was pliable without feeling overly constrictive or sloppy providing a secure but flexible fit that was nice and breathable.

The heel is perfectly padded with a rigid counter that was snug without any excess movement or bulk.

The one downside I see is that lack of stretch to accommodate higher volume feet, and since the Dynablast is only available in standard widths could be a deal breaker for those runners.

Asics Dynablast 4 Sole Unit

FlyteFoam Blast continues to be the star of the sole unit delivering a subtle bounce while absorbing shock and keeping load of my foot and feeling relaxed.

My biggest complaint with the first version was the lack of forefoot cushioning which is not the case here.

Version 4 has an additional 1.5 mm of height added across the entire midsole. This really helped soften the ride and also adds a bit more responsiveness to the shoe that is consistent from heel to toe and ideal for easy to moderate paces.

Additionally, the increase also makes the shoe not only comfortable but protective making is optimal for longer outings, and also a bit more attractive to heavier runners that want the higher stack height to feel supported but don’t want or require a maximal cushioned shoe .

The AHARPLUS rubber outsole appears less aggressive in the 4 and not quite as thick. I am sure this helped to keep the weight down, but hasn’t affected durability at all.

Traction is still reliable on paved and asphalt surfaces even in wet conditions. I did find that they aren’t quite as versatile as I remember and perform reasonably well on maintained crushed gravel trail but not much outside of that.

Asics Dynablast 4 Conclusions

The DynaBlast is a work horse and consistent solid everyday trainer, and version 4 continues to reinforce that.

While it doesn’t have any particular features that make it great it’s all the components complimenting each other that make this shoe one that can be enjoyed by just about every runner.

While looking at its simple design it really doesn’t seem that the Dynablast has evolved greatly, but I can tell you it has.

The simple adjustments that have been made to the shoe over time are thoughtful and have really evolved it into a reliable, comfortable , durable, and importantly affordable daily trainer that I would recommend to just about everyone.

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