Blast from the past blog post!

(Pants, shoes, top)

I have longed to return to a post with different colored fonts for each paragraph like I used to in the beginning, so here we are.

Nine miles to start the day!

I came across this post from Michelle, and it hit me hard… I thought the world was going to end when I got my first A- (probably partly due to having older siblings who were the valedictorians, haha).  I started marathon training after graduating college and needed my Garmin to validate me;). 

IMG 1074

It was just a typical day for the little two and me.

IMG 1091

I crave these smoothies every day now.  Not necessarily the flavor (although I added some fresh pineapple to mine yesterday, which was so good), but the shot of nutrients… my body relies on it these days.

IMG 1090

Andrew has been working like crazy lately (leaving before the kids wake up and getting home after they go to bed), so they were thrilled to see him in the middle of the day when he got home early from a shift.

IMG 1104

Brooke has reached the age where she flies to California on her own now.  We can walk her to the gate and pick her up from the gate, and then one of the flight attendants is in charge of her on the flight.  We have been very impressed with the process so far, but after 10+ years of flying her back and forth, I miss those flights together (but my wallet doesn’t miss buying six tickets each time she goes to California).  

IMG 1109

One week felt like one month.

IMG 1111

Knox was hiding in the back, waiting to surprise Brooke that he was home too.

IMG 1114

I made my mom’s taco soup before we left so that we could have dinner the second we walked into the room.  After 13+ years of blogging, I still don’t know how to take pretty food pictures, but this recipe tastes so good.

IMG 1119

It’s never too early to start with the Valentine’s Day treats.

IMG 1120

As I went through my blog, trying to figure out when I started using different colored fonts for each paragraph, I came across my first giveaway.  I remember going to Target and spending an hour walking through the aisles, trying to put together the perfect little runner’s package for a giveaway:).  Pre-social media days were so fun when it was just blogging.  Everything was so simple!

IMG 1831


What about you with school… did grades stress you out?

Who read back in the multi-colored font days?  

Have you made any goals or resolutions for 2024?

Any other smoothie addicts?  What do you put in yours?

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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