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I didn’t have time to put together a post today but I already had some photos that haven’t made the blog, here are just a few outtakes.

Balance isn’t my specialty in any area of life.

One of my biggest blessings is the ability to fall asleep anywhere at any time.  Andrew said he took this picture after Beck had been crawling all over me, and I didn’t even budge.  Also, I love to sleep with my arms folded, anyone else?  

Or a crowded airport sitting in a chair… sunglasses can act as an eye mask in a pinch… once again my arms were folded.

If this picture that I accidentally took during a run looks like I’m scared, it’s because I am… it was snowing, and we were doing a workout.

IMG 9229

My first thought when Beck spilled my smoothie everywhere, “That’s like $5 of Power Greens… should I try to put what I can back into my cup?”

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Every day I question why we decided to remodel now when we still have littles that try to stain and demolish everything.

IMG 9282 copy

Ben & Jerry’s trip with Curly.

IMG 9590

He really likes spaghetti.

Thank you Andrew for plucking out the grey hairs that stick straight up and refuse to be tamed.  I know I shouldn’t pluck them but I do and I won’t change my mind about it.

IMG 9698

If I leave early for a run before Andrew wakes up, I like to put a creepy doll on my side of the bed for him to wake up next to.

You don’t kiss your shoes goodnight too?

IMG 0079

Baking is harder than the internet makes it look.

IMG 1785

What do you have going on today??

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