Chemical peeling, turned a corner, and sister to the rescue.

(shirt, vest ((my favorite running vest on the planet)), leggings)

In these same temperatures in February/March, I will be in a sports bra… But in November, I am in layers.

I send even more love and appreciation to teachers on November 1st. I remember what the day after Halloween was like for my students.

He was all about the snuggles when he finally woke up. These types of moments are when I feel the closest to heaven.

Remember how we started our house remodel in February, and it’s still nowhere near done… It’s been a rollercoaster and the stress from it feels like it is giving me ulcers.  

My sister has saved the day and is taking over now.

I feel like Andrew turned a corner yesterday. He was doing so much better for most of the day.

During Beck’s nap, I went and had a chemical peel done. A friend of mine goes to do this every few months, and I wanted to try it out.

I have some pigmentation that I want to work on, and like usual, my acne too—excited to see if this helps! It burned a bit, but it was not bad at all. I’ll have to take the day off from running today because of this peel, so I’ll be sleeping in this morning!

Our after-school conversations are hilarious. I love hearing about all of the happenings in their classes.

The girls requested this pizza for dinner (recipe here)!

And of course, I attacked their Halloween candy. I went through all of the Baby Ruth’s and Almond Joys.


Have you ever had a chemical peel?

What do you use for skin care? Do you love it?

What are you making for dinner tonight?

Do you feel like you wear more or less than other people do in similar temperatures?

-Usually less but it takes me a few weeks to adjust to the temps.


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