Dreams do come true + home drama is high.

Eight miles with my friend and then…

When we were about a mile away from our cars, I received this text from Andrew. Ummm, dreams do come true.

I got home, and she had her running shoes on and was ready to go.

She did a half mile. She keeps telling me she wants to be a runner… I see big things in her future!

PS I don’t have mascara on. I’ve been using ProLashes, and you just put them on yourself. They say they last for ten days, but I’m finding they last for about seven days. I do like them, though. I ordered the classic shorties and then trimmed them a touch.

This was Beck’s reaction when I cut up his pancakes. The drama at our home is at an all-time high currently. Also, I realized in this picture there is a spaghetti noodle on the ground, and it has been many days since we last had spaghetti… oops.

We were able to move past the pancake incident and forgive. I will never cut his pancakes again🤣

We went and helped in Skye’s classroom; he loved being with a room full of kids.

Kaydi posted about these noodles from Costco, so I had to try them.

We added cooked broccoli, sweet potatoes, and shrimp, which was scrumptious.  Next time I will try them with the broth/seasoning it comes with.

We stopped by my parents’ house and my dad had Skye sign her art work.

Plus, indoor soccer season has begun!

We watched Nyad on Netflix, the story about Diana Nyad’s swim from Cuba to Florida. It was very inspiring!


What was the last thing you watched on Netflix?

What was the last thing or recipe you tried from an influencer and how did you feel about it?

What’s your run today?

How often do you cross-train lately?

-I’m going to force myself to tomorrow and not run:)

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