Easier than heartache & 2023 mileage?

(Shirt, shorts, shoes)

Does anyone else love running through new neighborhoods to check out the houses? I’m grateful my running friends love to do the same and analyze each house and dream about all of us going in together to purchase one lot in some of these fancy neighborhoods;)

So far, I am very grateful that this winter is about a million times easier to marathon train through than last winter. I swear we are in a different state this winter.

Seventy-five miles is the goal this week, and I’m more than halfway there.

I also did a Peloton 10-minute core and stretched by the fire. I thank my sister daily for getting this in for me and making it safe (with cement built around it vs the wood the previous people put in).

I was brave and took the kids to the mall. It was more tiring than my run due to the smallest of them…

But they shopped for each other and Andrew and wrapped up their gifts.

We also read a few chapters while my recovery boots worked their magic.

A few more random things today:

I am hooked on Winter Garden, and I found this section interesting. I can’t tell you how much the sentence, ‘physical pain was so much easier to handle than heartache,’ resonated with me. For so many of my running years, that heartache got me out the door for a run because I knew that the blood/sweat/tears on the run would make the life heartache better, and I knew I could handle the physical pain easier than the heartache.

PS Look at me branching out and reading from a new to me author! I’m going to start this one soon.

Marathon training = more salty than sweet snacks next to my bed. I cannot get enough of this variety of chips.

I think 2023 was my highest mileage year yet. 2023 also wins for the year that felt like 45 days… how has it gone by so fast?

Here is my climbing for the year… I need to get back on the trails!

IMG 0351


Does 2023 feel like it went by fast for you, too?

Are there any snacks next to your bed, or are you judging me for eating in bed haha?!

Running on Christmas or taking the day off?

What month this year was your highest mileage or climbing month?

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