Friday Favorites!

(leggings, shoes)

It was our first run/ride together again since the broken fibula.  The ER orthopedist told him he wouldn’t be able to ride a bike for a year due to the break, and look at him go… it’s only been ten weeks.

Our talks while we run/ride together are my absolute favorite.

It felt fun to end a loop at precisely 1 hour.  

Brooke left to go visit her dad.  Between lines and traffic, the check-in desk told us there was no way we would make it to the gate on time.  We asked them if we could try and we sprinted a half mile (not exaggerating… the SLC airport is nuts) and made it just in time.

Later on we made some returns at the mall and our bank account was thankful.

And we had the laziest day after.

The box is still her favorite.

Using my face as a pillow is still his favorite place.

Just a few favorites today:

*These earrings.  I love them dearly.  My limit is about $35 for a pair of earrings, so these are officially the nicest ones I own because they are $35;)

IMG 0538

*Knox gave me Exploding Kittens for Christmas, which is a BLAST.  It’s our current #1 favorite to play all together.  Also, this dessert… Oreos and butter for the crust, butterscotch, ice cream, whipped cream, and Oreos on top.  

IMG 0640

*Brooke’s grandma gave us Twister Unlimited; I’m calling it my stretching and mobility work. This game is challenging when you can’t even touch your toes.

Please tell me what you have going on this weekend!

Can you touch your toes (with your legs straight)?

Where is your favorite place to get jewelry?

Tell me what you got for Christmas!

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