Friday Favorites!

No run for me yesterday! I had a facial done the day before with a chemical peel, and she told me to wait 24 hours before I worked out.  There’s nothing like dealing with perimenopause symptoms (just crazy night sweats thus far) and acne at the same time!

Beck and I created some parking spots and a road together, which was a huge hit for Beck.  It’s amazing what a little tape can do for his day.

I tried a new recipe–> Ground Chicken Baked Tacos:

IMG 6530

Knox loved them so much that he already told me he wants them for his birthday in September:)

IMG 6532 copy

Now, to figure out these shelves and this area, do you have any ideas?  I’m thinking of picture frames and books.

Now to talk about some things I love this week:

*Emilee’s candle company—> switch candle.  One of the things I admire most about Emilee is her curiosity.  She has such a zest for life and is curious about how to do new things.  She created a candle company and every detail is perfect.  The candles are made with non-toxic fragrances and wax, and the coconut soy wax allows them to burn for much longer than other candles I have.  I’m so excited for what she has created.  Each box is wrapped beautifully with the most delicious caramels, and you won’t believe how good these candles smell.  They calm me down (which is hard to do ha).

IMG 6146

*I always have a stash of these in the car with me.  They are a toy that all four kids love and keep them entertained when we go to a restaurant or are sitting for a bit:).

*I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Palm Royale on Apple TV. I need the episodes to be released at once so I don’t have to wait each week. The cast is fabulous.

*Just two of my current favorite Amazon purchases—> This oversized shirt (so soft, so cheap, I love the color, and they are perfect with spandex shorts or with my lululemon flares), and this water ripple phone case.

IMG 6410

*Brooke’s church group had a get-together where they all brought clothes that they don’t really wear anymore, swapped them with each other, and donated any that weren’t taken. She was very happy with this score. They also each brought a bag of candy and made a candy salad. It was such a fun activity for this age group!

IMG 6494

Any weekend plans you are looking forward to?

Have a show you love right now?

Last thing you bought on Amazon?  

-This question made me wonder about the first thing I ever bought on Amazon… of course, it was running related haha.  Does anyone else know what the first thing they bought on Amazon was?

Screen Shot 2024 03 28 at 7 59 40 PM

I am looking for a swimsuit to help me overcome the fact that it was snowing here last night… Any recommendations on where to go?

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