Friday Favorites & Making A Big Change!

(bra, shorts)

I did it; I stuck to cross-training even though I so badly wanted to join friends for a run instead. I want to start thinking more long-term with my running and ensuring I’m doing things to help me be able to marathon for a few more decades.

Peloton friends–> Just in case you feel alone because it never seems to get easier… you aren’t. That thing is so hard.

I love it when Brooke wears my race shirts as pjs.

Beck actually woke up to see them before school, so I had to document this occasion.

Beck’s facial expression when he saw Andrew’s leg without the boot and where the incision was…

My sister started making these smoothies a year ago and told me to join her. I kicked and screamed for a year but have finally decided to have one every day; Andrew is joining in too. My sister got my parents and many other family members and friends to start drinking them, and they all CRAVE them now at this point. The smoothie has helped them to feel so much better in so many ways (I need my dad to write about the changes it has made in his life)!

I’m starting with .5 lbs of power greens from Costco, 1/2 cup chia seeds, water and a whole lot of frozen fruit in the smoothies to make this happen;). I’ll keep you updated on any differences I feel with drinking one of these every day and write more about what I learn about it all… I’m just beginning.

I will try hard to get my kids to start drinking this too… here’s to a healthier winter for us this year and me not needing all of caffeine to make it through the day.

PS This is in addition to my daily eats… not subbing out meals etc.

Both of them were thrilled to be able to go on a walk together… even though it was a short one.

We realized we had matching pants on while we were out and yes, my toes were frozen.

Texas Roadhouse rolls and honey butter aren’t talked about enough. These things are so good.


Here are a few Friday Favorites for the week:

*Just one more reminder to not sit on the best running coat and vest sale ever.

*I’ve had this reversible sweater for a few years now, and it’s just as soft as it was when I first bought it. You can find this year’s reversible sweaters from Marine Layer here and here. Two sweaters in one:). Also, these jeans with the front pockets have been my favorite this year.

*This sweater shocked me by how soft it is… I could sleep in it; it is that cozy. I love it with these light joggers (size down).

 *My favorite soup recipes are all in this post (also, my favorite quick TJ’s meals are in this one and my favorite salad recipes in this one).

*I’ve been wearing this bag with everything I wear. (top, similar skirt, another similar skirt, boots)

 *This November To-Do List.


Have you made any healthy changes in your life?

-Sipping on this smoothie (along with my normal meals) throughout the day instead of soda!

Any fun weekend plans?

Ever had stitches?

Question from Taylor to see if anyone can help!  “Does sitting in the car aggravate your hamstrings and if so, what do you do about it?  I’m just getting over a high hamstring flare but even short car rides make it flare up again!”

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