Friday Favorites! – The Hungry Runner Girl

Lots of purple for my Thursday run:).  8 miles!

Andrew’s birthday started with cinnamon rolls and then taking Brooke to an ENT.  Pray that there is a cancellation because this girl needs her tonsils out ASAP, and everybody is booked here for at least 6 weeks.

IMG 5667

Of course, in-n-out happened!

Skye has been waiting for weeks for ‘bring your pet to school day.’  Beretta was awarded with the Best Behaved certificate which made Skye very proud.

And then we hit the road for St. George, the kids have a four day weekend and so it worked perfectly with Andrew’s birthday.

Favorites time:

*I copied Dakotah Lindwurm and the glasses she wore for the trials.  You just can’t beat $23 running sunglasses that your idol wears.

IMG 5168 2

*I was told that the almond croissants from TJ’s were even better than the chocolate ones, and after trying them, my whole family agrees they are #1.  The filling in these tastes like a cinnamon roll.  I could eat these every day of my life.

IMG 5524

*Greenlight cards!  I get asked about this often for our kids, which is still one of our favorite things.  It is a debit card for our kids, and now that the big kids go off with their friends more often, they are especially useful.  I never have cash on me, so it is easy to transfer over some if they need money for food, etc.  We get a notification each time they use their card so we know where their money is going.  It’s easy to set up a weekly allowance, and they love working with Andrew and me on the app as they decide how much to put into savings and learn about investing options they also have on the app.  They have a referral program, so if you want to use Greenlight, you can use my link here or scan this QR code to get $30 free on your card!

IMG 5565

They also love that they have their picture on the cards too:)

*I shared Bombas on my IG this week but wanted to share them here, too.  I have loved Bombas for many years, but their latest versions are truly their best.  Code JANAE20 gets you 20% off everything (socks, bralettes, underwear, slippers, everything).  I am currently obsessed with their running socks… the blister tab, seamless toe, and honeycomb arch support give your arch a secure fit that feels like a hug:). The comfort is next level.   PS For every pair that is purchased, one is donated, too.

IMG 4568

*Angela Duckworth wrote a book that I really enjoyed, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.  I love learning from her and loved her recent episode on Armchair Expert!

IMG 5566

*This one is Beck’s Friday Favorite (well, I keep finding all the kids to be fidgeting with it… A Busy Board.  It is complete with buttons, lights, switches, plugs, keys, tools, and screws.  I’m bringing this on our road trip!

IMG 5605


Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Are there any races this weekend?

Last podcast you listened to?

Are you a sunglasses person?  Running?  The rest of life?

-If it is between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., I wear sunglasses outside or in the car, whether it is sunny or cloudy.

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