Friday Favorites! – The Hungry Runner Girl

(Hat, top, shorts, socks, shoes, bra, and I have to share Emilee’s top because it is perfect)

My first run back!  I almost chickened out because it was raining and cold, but I am so thankful I went with Emilee.  I came home feeling like a new human.

Running helps everything.

The kids had parent-teacher meetings, and Andrew was convinced he needed to be there… he made it 15 minutes before I drove him home, and he Facetimed in for the others.  His face went white as a ghost sitting in the chairs at the school.


We made sure to stop by the book fair too.

This was indeed the only proper way for me to end the day I had with the kids;) 

Just a few Friday Favorites today:

*This crossbody bag.  I fell for it because it felt a bit fancier than a fanny pack, and I love that there are two separate areas for storage (including slots for your cards).  It’s a hit in my book.  Also, the lululemon define jacket will always be a favorite for errands and running.

IMG 7295

*Before we found out we were going to Spain, I decided I wanted to learn Spanish after hearing Andrew speak it often with our friends while in Hungary.  I took a few years of Spanish in high school (so I know the basics), and Andrew used to be a Spanish teacher, so I feel like I have a head start on this goal.  I’m also using the Duolingo app daily, which is so much fun.  I might even be hooked on it…. And I know what you are thinking, ‘Maybe I should learn English a bit better before I try to learn this,’ but I’m really happy about this new goal.

*We have been loving the Boris Becker documentary on Apple TV.

*The Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook.  I’ve had this cookbook for years, and it is my most used cookbook.  I’ve always used it to help with recipes for my running, but now I’m using it to put together meals that will help Andrew recover.  I want every nutrient and calorie to fight hard for his leg to heal properly.

*I want to take a moment and thank Core Power for helping me get through training and racing in some amazing places this year.  Refueling after a workout is key for me in staying injury-free and running well, and Core Power makes it so delicious and easy to get something in right after a sweat.  26g or 42g of high-quality protein that tastes just like a milkshake, yes please.  I’m not sure what I did before Core Power, and I don’t want to ever go without it again.

Get yours here!



Have any favorite things from this week?

At what temperature do you whip the gloves out?

-Anything under 50F

Is anyone else trying to learn another language currently?

#1 ice cream flavor, in your opinion?

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