Here I am, doing what I said I wouldn’t do.

(Shirt, leggings, gloves, beanie, shoes)

I’m REALLY trying to look at the bright side of things with winter being here.

I think training for Boston last winter has left me a bit nervous about marathon training again this winter.

Remember how I vowed never to train for a marathon again during the winter?  Here I am, doing what I said I wouldn’t!

But I feel in my gut that Seville will be my favorite marathon so all of the frozen toes and bright red cheeks will be worth it.

At least it is gorgeous out during the winter.

IMG 9293

And running through a few inches a day of fresh snow will make my calves so strong… At least, it better because it feels so much harder.

10.6 miles @ 8:35 pace, 62 miles for the week, +75 minute Peloton ride day, and a rest day on Sunday.

IMG 9290

While I love the Novablast 3s, they are not a good shoe for running in the snow.  A few of us had them on and said they felt like we wore skis.  It’s time to start wearing waterproof trail shoes for these mornings of running on fresh snow.

IMG 9304

Is anyone else having difficulty believing how fast Brooke has grown up?!  Who was here when she was born?

IMG 9324

After Brooke’s indoor soccer game, she requested chic-fil-a.  These two shared a shake, and I don’t know how they survived the brain freezes they experienced.  Why drink it slowly and enjoy it when you must ensure you get your fair share of the shake so that your sibling can’t get more than you?!

IMG 9337

They went sledding while I got some work done.

And we had a date too!

And a lazy Sunday.

And time with cousins!

We finished up the weekend by watching, ‘Family Switch’ on Netflix.

Snow runners—> What do you do to avoid slipping?

Ever had a fall on the ice?

-Ever since my dad’s fall, I am terrified and really slow down whenever things look iffy.

Random brain freeze question, but do you experience them?

-SO easily, but my St. George brother has never had one.

I need to hear a running related thing that you promised yourself you would never do again but then you did.

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