I don’t want to go back to schedules.

(jacket, leggings, shoes, long-sleeve)

It was 16°F for our run. My friend doesn’t wear gloves in that temp?! I had gloves and hand warmers because I was so cold! We sure all perceive temperatures differently.

Ten miles @ 8:28 average.

Getting in the hot tub after the run was necessary. We were going to do our workout yesterday, but I have found that doing a workout the day after a holiday does not go well, so hopefully, it will happen today.

I loved Brooke’s hot tub snack boat that she brought in with her.

A little steam came off Knox when he jumped out of the hot tub to play tetherball.

We met up with my sister and her family to see Migration!

IMG 0754

It was such a cute movie but very stressful.  

IMG 0743

Andrew got called in, but I met him for lunch since he was close.

IMG 0739

We finished the day with Legos until way too late.  I don’t want to go back to schedules again. Christmas break needs to be at least a month long.

IMG 0755

I hope all of my practice with Skye’s skip-it will help my cadence today.

IMG 0685

I am very excited for one more day of everyone all together!

IMG 0596


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