I swear, I come across things about this…

(vest, shirt, shorts, headband)

A nice little 8.27 miles @ 8:31 pace, including a drop off of one of our friends along the way to her MBA program.

What your glass of water looks like when you leave it outside on the curb while you run:

Beck has reached the stage where he doesn’t want help getting dressed. In his head, I think he thinks he is Knox’s age.

Beck’s favorite day of the week is when we go help in the Kindergarten. His day was made when he saw (and yelled for him) Knox playing during recess.

The eye squeezes when he hugs Andrew when he gets home from work.

We are bringing back our favorite winter salad. This stuff is too good.

And the new thing we tried from TJ’s–> I’ll rate them a 7.57/10.

Two tangents for today:

1. I got my brother a new headband because I was really afraid of the ONE (yes, one) that he had been using for the last few decades. One of his life goals is for all his hair to be white. It’s a good thing he has a few more teenagers to raise to help him get there;)

2. I’m listening to ‘Raising Girls Who Like Themselves (it applies to girls and boys), and this part made me think about what running does for us:

“Feelings of self-esteem, in particular, and happiness, in general, develop as side effects of mastering challenges, working successfully, overcoming frustration and boredom, and winning. The feeling of self-esteem is a by-product of doing well.”

In running, we master challenges–> not stopping on the hill we used to have to walk up, completing a challenging track workout, or hitting a new distance we’ve never met before. Working successfully–> checking off each day on our training plans. We overcome frustrations and boredom left and right–> missing our goal time, injuries, setbacks, weather that holds us back, being bored on a run or the treadmill. And winning–> crossing that finish line we worked towards for ten months, hitting a fitness goal we set, or running our fastest mile in years.

I swear, I come across things daily that remind me why I love this sport and how much it gives to us.


Please include the last new food/store item that you tried and a rating.

Have a recipe or meal that you make most often during the winter?

Who is in school right now? What are you studying? If not, and you could return to school… what would you study?

Random q—> do you buy your running fuel in bulk or right before the runs you need them for?

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