I’m knocking on wood but this is the first time this has happened…

This is just our very natural pose to show off our Amazon dupes (on sale today for $21) that come in the best colors:). Jess introduced them to me, and I’ll never stray from her recommendations.  PS Isn’t it crazy how you can get a running long-sleeve shirt these days for the same price as a meal at a not-super-fancy restaurant?

Jess has a marathon coming up, so we joined her workout for some 400s.

The lactic acid was up to my chin by the 12th, so I called it at that one and cheered on the rest of the group doing more.  My paces ranged from 81 to 87 seconds for these 400s, and I finished with 10 miles total between the w/u and c/d.

We used to take about 90 seconds of a standing recovery after each one, but now we do a 200m jog between 400s, which makes the workout feel 10x harder.  As the starting line approached during the jog, we felt the urgency to slow down even more.

IMG 5970

I went to the gym after I got the kids to school and was shocked by this decision of mine.  I do the basic moves (squats, lunges, chest presses, etc), but I would love to find a good training plan to follow here… Plans keep me consistent.  If anyone has one they love, send it my way.

IMG 5993

I may be knocking on wood, but I have not been sick this winter (or sense I started drinking green smoothies daily).  My kids have had about 40 illnesses between them all, and they licked my face each time they were ill.  Somehow, I escaped it all, and I’m going to give that credit to drinking at least a half lb of greens a day, or maybe I was just lucky.   I play around with what I add each time, but the greens are a constant, and lately, I put a Core Power and plenty of berries in there, too.

IMG 5994

We finally stocked up on groceries.

IMG 5997

Another 5-ingredient meal from Trader Joe’s:

IMG 6012

It received 4 stars from the whole family (Skye doesn’t like meat so this one was an easy one to pick out the chicken sausage for:).  We loved it and I loved how easy it was to make.

IMG 6015

And eating this straight out of the carton while watching The Bachelor was just what I needed.

IMG 6018

A memory that I don’t want to forget, so I’ll put it here—> Skye loves to fake that she is asleep.  When she does this, Andrew or I will tell the other, “The way to know if she is really asleep is to see if her arm stays up if we lift it up and then let go.”  She keeps that arm up every time while keeping her eyes closed and maintaining a straight face.  Kids are the best.

IMG 5967

Have you noticed the increase in food prices?

-IT IS SHOCKING.  Between food increases and our kids getting older and needing adult meals themselves, I can’t believe the change in our spending on food these days.

Lifting plans… Does anyone have one they recommend?

Who is watching The Bachelor this season?  THOUGHTS!

What is the worst sickness/infection you have ever had?

-I’m not sure if this is truly mine, but the first thing that came to mind was mastitis…. I saw the white light.  

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