Leg Cages + Last Time.

(Socks, tights, vest, shirt, shoes Always grateful that people are willing to spend their Saturday morning doing this because it makes it so much easier to get out the door.  I doubt I would have ever met any of these amazing people if it weren’t for running, bringing us all together.  

I am the type of person who freaks out about change regarding certain things (i.e. running).  I probably would have never decided to race a flat marathon without the City Sightseeing group inviting us to go to Seville for the marathon.  I always thought hills (especially downhill) were my strength, and the idea of a flat race terrified me.

Not anymore.  I am sold.  My body feels much less beat up after a long run/workout on flat roads.   I am thoroughly hooked on locking into a pace and just gliding.  It turns out my routine brain loves the monotony of flat, haha.  My calves were sore after this workout, which was interesting to me because my calves are never sore from running?!

Some areas had a lot of ice, but we found a 17-mile loop that was ice-free, and I think we will be here often during the winter.

IMG 9684

The workout goal was 3 mile w/u, 7 miles @ 7:00, 4 miles @ 6:30, c/d

We did 7 miles @ 6:55 average, a short bathroom break, and 4 miles @ 6:23

IMG 9693

Sadly, the new route does not have water along the way, which we learned Saturday, and had to stop for some at a cafe.  We will be bringing bottles with us on this loop now.

I am so grateful Lauren is back.

IMG 9689

I regretted my ‘leg cages’ (thank you, Victoria, for that term), but it was 20 degrees out, and I am trying to be responsible;). I love leggings for easy days, but they feel constricting for speed.  These socks were perfect with my Vaporflys.  My feet are usually freezing in those shoes, but these babies kept them warm.

IMG 9694

It was straight to games (after a burning hot shower)…

IMG 9765

And dog walking…

IMG 9718

Andrew RAN for a block.  It’s been 8.5 weeks since he broke his fibula and about 8 weeks since surgery.  He said it didn’t feel good but was better than he expected it to feel.  

IMG 9768

A big highlight for the weekend was going to see Santa.

IMG 9723

Beck talks about Santa all the time, but it took him a minute to warm up to the idea when he first saw him.

IMG 9746


IMG 9747

Utahns/Arizonians—> Sodalicious officially offers the best Christmas cookies, and they have them now.  

IMG 9766

And one last time, I’m going to include my gift guides (all 3) here just in case anyone needs to finish up shopping:)

For women and runners:

*My garmin.  I love this garmin with all of my heart.  You can even put music on it, and it is 38% off today!

*This book of epic runs of the world… This book is gorgeous and will get them excited for adventures.

*My favorite Amazon running leggings.  They have pockets, wash incredibly well, and you can’t beat the price.

*My favorite Amazon tank, and it has a built-in bra.

*My favorite lululemon running leggings (pockets!) and daily wear everywhere leggings.  These leggings win for the softest.

*The running vest from my dreams.  I love it.  I wear it weekly, and it keeps my core warm.

*My favorite running sunglasses

*Earband/headbands that I love-> here, here, here, and here.

*I wear this sports bra so often.

*This sports bra is truly the best marathon training bra ever (it has SO many pockets for your gels, keys, cards, phone, whatever you need).  The colors are so fun, and the support is perfect.

*My favorite cookbook for runners.

*I’ve worn many different running socks over the years, and the power strides have my heart.

*JACKETS for the run make the perfect gift—> This, this, and this one are my winners.

*Liquid IV for the win. This stuff not only tastes delicious, but it keeps me so hydrated with all of the miles.  Code HUNGRY-RUNNER-GIRL will get you 25% off and free shipping HERE!

*Core Power, of course.  I drink one every. single. day.

*My favorite non-spandex running shorts!  My favorite spandex running shorts-> herehere ,here (for trails… so many pockets) and here.

*My top 5 current running shoes—> Here, here, here, here, and here.

*The best running book!  I also love this one, this one, and this one.  This is an amazing book for women to help them understand their bodies better with their training.

*Favorite running hat.

*I’m still all about the 2nd generation AirPods for my running headphones (just use one at a time)

*My favorite light when running in the dark.  It clips on magnetically to your clothing, and you get to skip out on wearing anything on your head.

*I adore my theragun to work on my muscles.

*My favorite hydration vests:  here and here!

*The hat that has ear warmers connected to it.  I love it!

*KOALA CLIP (HRG gets you 10% off)!  This makes it so easy to take your phone with you on the run.

*The best sandals for runners to wear around the house (they help my plantar so much)

*The last 5 things I bought at lululemon—> here, here, here, here, and here!

Now for some fun gifts for women:

*We won the favorite gift to my mom and MIL last year when we gave them these sets… they both wear them all of the time!

*My favorite crossbody bag that I use daily is HERE!

*The sunglasses I wear every day.

*I have and love this makeup bag.

*My coats this winter—> here and here!

*My #1 boots that actually match with everything!

*My most clicked-on pair of pants in ages… the Vintage Ripstop!

*The Amazon sheets that feel a whole lot more expensive than they actually are!

*Amazon simple beauty things I love—> this lip balm, olaplex hair smoother, the best hairbrush, rubber bands I cannot run without, hair claws, my favorite styling cream, the best hair mask, and prolash (fake eyelashes you put on yourself that look so natural, I’m hooked).

*The comfiest eye mask.

*The best travel pillow ever… I slept so well on the plane with this.

*The pillow Andrew gave me allows you to add or take out stuffing. I have never had a better pillow in my life.

*A bit pricey, but my pebble ice machine did, in fact, change my life.

*The best beach bag ever.

*And now for links to clothing I wear ALL of the time that I think would make a great gift—> mini flare leggings, reversible sweater, Patagonia vest, Rickie top, this cardigan, the coziest sweatshirt, this soft cardigan, the softest sweater, this cardigan and this wool sweater in black.

For Kids:

*The kids love their go-carts.

*Beck’s scooter!

*Beck’s favorite train (it is a remote steam engine).

*Our favorite family games are here, herehere here, here, here, here, here  and here.  This game is hilarious to play with kids.

*Lego Friends and Lego City sets are all 4 of their #1 choice—> I’ll link a few that they adore:  here, here, here, here, here, herehere, and here.

*The girls love their initial necklaces.

*Gabb watches (code HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL gets you a discount) are a gift for them and us, so we can always get ahold of them without worrying about the internet.

*Melissa & Doug sets.  All four of our kids love them and they are made so well.  These are our favorites that we own—> here, here, here, here, here and here.

*Beck and Skye adore these stomp rockets!

*Knox loves this yoyo.

*This inflatable bounce house keeps them sane during the winter when I put it inside, and they jump on it for a very long time.

*The girls love this bead set.

*Perler beads are a win for Brooke, Knox, and Skye.

*This bug collector set has spent many hours with Skye.

*Polly Pockets are another hit for Skye.

*We’ve had our Bronco for two years, which is still a favorite for all the kids.  We got it for half this price, so it doesn’t go on sale at times!

*MAGNATILES.  I think these are my favorite toys… the creativity they develop when they build with these!

*This Thomas the Train Tower has been loved by Beck for three years now.

*They love this snow cone machine!

*The karaoke microphone is a blast.

*This drawing tablet has been so great for road trips.

*Me and the kids love the diamond painting kit.

*The letter set that has helped all of the kids learn their letters.

*I love sending my nieces and nephews a gumball machine.

*The Weird but True series is a winner for my kids; this one about the body is incredible, 3d dog anatomy book, and Vet Academy (Brooke’s favorite).

*My #1 children’s book that makes me tear up every time I read it to them.

*We have had this dome for years; the kids and neighbors all love it.

For Men:

*His favorite biking sunglasses.

*His favorite daily sunglasses. He said the lens cleaner kit is necessary too.

*His favorite crew socks.

*#1 backpack in his opinion.

*His dream is to own every color of Melin hat they offer… coupon code:

*This loveseat camping chair.

*He says he uses this pole saw all of the time.

*We both agree that this is the #1 men’s t-shirt.

*Car detailing kit… I don’t understand why someone would want this but I’m not a man.

*His favorite headlamp!

*His favorite puff jacket.

*His favorite casual shorts (and he takes this matter seriously)

*His bike helmet that he adores and #1 hydration belt for biking.

*The joggers he sent for me to buy him:)

*He told me to tell you that any garage owner would love these lights.


Tell me a highlight from your weekend!

Are you done shopping?  Is gift-giving/receiving your love language?

What do you prefer for races—> flat or hilly?

Tell me one of your favorite December traditions (so I can copy you;)!

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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