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Morning! Thank you so much for your comments yesterday. I got my wish to have a marathon where I felt pretty amazing for 91% of the race. These kinds of races don’t happen often but I’m glad I got it in Spain. Let’s get going with tangents:

*Turns out I ran in the Olympic Marathon Trials for Spain! I had no idea until afterward that this marathon was also their Olympic Trials for the pros!

*Ummm I want these Pumas!

*He ran a marathon with a pineapple on his head:

*Such a good idea for shade during a hot race:

*The founder and owner of City Sightseeing ran his first marathon on Sunday and did amazing. It was so fun to hear about his experience and that he already wants to do more! He is an incredible man.

*Flat marathons leave me way less banged up than all of the other marathons I have done! I feel like I could go for a run now but I’m going to force myself to take a real break.

*Another Utahn (well, he lived in Utah for a while and was also a BYU alumni ((like Connor and Clayton)) ran a 2:08:01. He came under the Paris Olympic Standard by 9 seconds and will be representing Canada. His first half was 1:04:01 and his second half was 1:04:00. Talk about perfect pacing!

*A race shirt I will be wearing all of the time:

*These are the salt tablets I used and loved! I just put them in a bag in my pocket.

*This felt good.

*I saw these Asics Superblasts at the expo and if I had more room in my suitcase, I would have grabbed them.

*Sevilla sure knows how to put on a good race.

*European gels that my friends tried and loved:

We are off for another adventure and leaving Seville, any guesses about what country we are going today?


Have any tangents for me?!

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