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Nike Revolution 7 Introduction

The Nike revolution 7 is an entry level running shoe that gets the job done without any bells and whistles. It’s not going to have the latest tech and innovations that is out there, so it is offered at quite a reasonable price.

The shoe’s MSRP is $70 but I was able to snag it for almost half off during a sale on Nike’s website. You may not see this at your local running store, but it will be at stores like DSW or Kohls.

Reading the official description for the shoe, you’ll notice there isn’t any fancy named parts of the shoe.

Not counting Nike’s green Move to Zero mission, all of the parts of the shoe are generically named. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but with the low price tag, you aren’t going to get the latest and greatest in shoe technology.

Nike Revolution 7 First Impressions

I thought it looked great on first look. I have a lot of running shoes, but not a lot that look good outside of running. These are definitely ones I could wear casually.

They felt very light in my hands and on my feet upon lacing them up. I liked that they were pretty flexible right away and it fit great.

My first run in them was 5 miles outside. They felt comfortable and light, but I noticed after about 30 minutes the simplicity of the shoe was working against my favor and making me feel more sore than I should.

Nike Revolution 7 Upper

The upper is breathable knit material with some padded overlays around the heel and ankle. It is breathable and quite comfortable. It molded to my feet nicely.

The toe box has tons of room and the heel locked me in. The fit was true to size; a little narrow but not too bad for me. I would size out if this is an issue but I saw no need need to go a size up.

The lacing is somewhat flawed. The partially gusseted tongue is great until it separates from the upper. The tongue constantly would roll in and leave the top of my foot exposed.

While the heel locked me, the laces did not give great ankle support for me. I was disappointed and quite surprised there was not an extra eyelet.

I am not a chronic ankle roller so it wasn’t a huge problem, but usually I use a runner’s knot. The absence of the extra eyelet was disappointing.

Nike Revolution 7 Sole Unit

The outside has lots of small little rubber lugs that provided a great deal of traction for me in wet and dry conditions. I had lots of control both on impact and on lift off. I thought this was a great touch and one of the strengths of this shoe.

The midsole is a generic EVA compound that is incredibly light. There are no bells and whistles here right down the name (or lack thereof). While flexible and soft to the touch, the ride was quite firm.

I really a hard time going past an hour in these because of its simple design. While they felt light to run in, the lack of support really ate away at my legs.

Nike Revolution 7 Conclusions

During testing, I needed to remind myself that this is not a great shoe for what I normally train for. My short runs in them were pleasant and I enjoyed wearing them around casually.

You really can’t beat the price. The fact that it STARTS at $70 is great and if you look hard enough you can find it for even cheaper.

They will certainly help fuel the flame for the newer runner or someone who just wants a comfortable workout shoe.

That said, you can also find a previous year’s model for around the same price that will have a lot more technology and provide a better experience. I think if you’re looking for a cheap shoe, you might be better off going down this route

When we first got into running, we all had the shoes we got that were simple and helped fuel the flame.

I had a pair of entry level budget shoes that I got after my Nike Dunks had me covered in blisters.

The Nike Revolution 7 accomplishes this, but there are better options.

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