No Sugarcoating + Not Only…

(Rain jacket, shirt, leggings, shoes)

There is no sugarcoating this run.  It was miserable.  At least I wore a rain jacket this time, but the rest of me was soaked from the first ten steps… oh, and the wind was another beast we conquered for 6.1 miles @ 8:45 pace. If I didn’t have a friend to meet, I would have skipped my run, but then I remembered my recent read, The Comfort Crisis, which helped me get over my pity party.  Being uncomfortable is good for us.

He finally won and had a can of corn for breakfast.

IMG 2659

I lost this battle, too;)

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A few more thoughts because nothing exciting happened yesterday at home…

*This episode with Jess McClain made me fall in love with her!  She is absolutely incredible, and her story of leaving pro running and now doing what feels right for her is so inspiring.  Also, fun fact—> She peaked at 72 miles for the trials.  I’m pretty sure that is about 60% of what everyone around her was doing.  I just loved her theme of living life her way and running for the joy of it by doing the workouts that bring her confidence and love for the sport.  I wish there could be more spots for athletes for the Olympic Marathon; I want them all to go!

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*Ali’s episode with Dakotah was so great, too.  That woman is so positive, it is contagious.  I’m not sure I’m brave enough to have yogurt before a marathon like Dakota did!

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*This is what I have so far to help keep Skye and Beck occupied on the plane. They will also be watching as many movies and eating as many snacks as needed to get through the plane ride.

IMG 2640

*Not only did Fiona O’Keefe set a record for the fastest Women’s US Olympic Marathon Trials time, she also set the US record for the fastest Debut Marathon (previously held by Jordan Hasay when she ran a 2:23:00 in Boston).

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*I’ve gone over everything on Featherstone Nutrition regarding the carb load, but I’m trying to decide between the two-day or three-day carb load.  I feel like my Boston 2022 was the best marathon I’ve had, and one of those reasons was that I paid attention to the amount of carbs I was taking in and had more than ever.  Things didn’t hurt until the last two miles, and I hope I get another experience next week by properly carb-loading and pacing correctly.

According to this carb calculator, these are the stats for what I would need for a 2- and 3-day carb load.  I’m leaning towards the 3-day because 720 grams sounds challenging, especially while traveling, so I’ll start on the 15th and get in 480 grams a day.  Hopefully, nutrition labels over there are easy to read;)

*For the last 3+ months, I have had a green smoothie every day except one day.  I’ve been having roughly .7 lbs of greens A DAY.  My body is so used to it now that I start drinking it before my runs (I make it the night before now).  How is my body going to handle not having this when we leave?  Should I try to find every cruciferous veggie I can while there?!  It should be interesting!  Also, I remember trying my sister’s smoothie a while ago and spitting it out, and now I crave them… the body is so amazing.

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*Beth shared this WSJ article with me about Connor and Clayton and I loved how they talked about the importance of having multiple goals and things that interest you.  Injuries and race setbacks were so much harder on me when I put all of my focus in on running!

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Please share any carb-loading tips you have found.  Things that work for you and things that do not!  I am so fascinated by this topic that I want to absorb what you have learned.

Any other ideas of things I need to bring on the plane for Beck and Skye?

Is anyone else getting hit with more snow?

Last podcast that you listened to?

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