Our Bedroom Before and After + Heat Training

(Shoes, pants, shirt, vest, bra)

We were all hopeful we could get a workout/long run outside over the weekend.  We even drove to where the road conditions are usually the best.  After a few miles of the warm-up and hoping that the next street would be clearer… it just wasn’t going to happen.  It was way too slick, and I have no desire to put myself out for the year from one wrong step.

So we went to the gym and got a bunch of treadmills next to each other.

Twenty miles total, five outside and 15 inside.

IMG 1227

The goal was a 13-mile tempo, but mentally, I could only get myself to do a 10-mile tempo @ 6:38 pace, I then ran easy for a bit and decided for my last 1.5 of the 20-miler I would finish @ a 6:35 pace.  I wasn’t there mentally for Saturday’s run, so I am thrilled with what I did!

I will now permanently store a pair of shorts in my car for days like this.  Although, the run was probably excellent heat training for my marathon.   Thank goodness I had my headphones so I could zone out, lock into a pace, and hit the beat of my playlist.

PS Did you hear the new Alphafly 3s sold out in 30 seconds?!  Did anyone get a pair?

IMG 1242

And now for the best part…

I really should have taken my own pictures before but forgot to, so these were from the previous owners.

Also, I will forever be grateful we no longer have a glass door.

IMG 1126

There was nothing really wrong with our bedroom (besides the glass door), but we wanted something that felt more like us because we plan on this being our forever home.  I couldn’t leave this house or neighborhood if someone paid me 10x what our house is worth.

IMG 1125

My sister is so talented at figuring out people’s styles and making a room come to life.   She is something else.  We are similar in many ways, but the way her brain works with design, I do not have.  We love more of a modern Scandinavian feel, filled with different textures while keeping it still cozy, and she delivered.

IMG 1268

She used cement siding for the exterior of homes for our fireplace, along with liquid nails, so you don’t see where it is connected.   We didn’t want a mantle and absolutely loved how it turned out!  The TV just kind of blends in with it all.  My sister and her husband did all the work on the fireplace themselves (besides the painting).  They need an HGTV show.  We wanted her to hire someone to do the siding work so she wouldn’t have to do it herself, but she wanted it perfect and refused to let anyone else touch it;)

IMG 1256


IMG 1265

My sister found a store for the bedding were they have Pottery Barn, and West Elm returns there (that were never used), and you can grab a trash bag and fill it for $50!  So our bedding (pillows and sheets we already had) filled up 1.5 bags and was only $75!

IMG 1261

Links for anything I can find online:)


Ceiling fan

Fireplace insert—> Alpine Fireplaces.  The owner was the nicest guy, and I want to send any business his way that I can!

Olive tree

My beloved Amazon sheets

Throw blanket 1

Throw blanket 2 (similar)

Rug and side tables at Gatehouse

The bed frame is from Four Chairs a few years ago.

I can’t wait to see what she does with the rest of our house!  PS These are her nice work pants; she said she wore her fancier ones over.  My sister is goals.

IMG 1274

Do you like moving around, or do you prefer staying put?

Who else got snow over the weekend?

How often are you on a treadmill, and do you like the treadmill?

What is your favorite design style?

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