Our living room before and after + life (of course).

(Top, shorts, hat)

In my 10 miles yesterday, I experienced hail (that made the street so slick that we had to walk on the downhills), beautiful spring views, dramatic winter views, and feelings of being too cold and warm.  It was quite an eventful run.

My favorite running socks were all dirty, so I went with some that were too small. Is there a bigger runner’s pet peeve than when your socks SLIDE DOWN MID RUN!?

IMG 6371

This kept him entertained for 30 minutes.

IMG 6388

More spring cleaning… I’m on a mission.

His favorite time of day is when Andrew comes home.

IMG 6419 copy

This whole remodel thing started with JUST wanting lighter floors to hide all of the dog hair, spills, and dirt on our floors, haha.  Famous last words—> “Let’s just stain our floors, Andrew!  Think of how fun that will be.”

I’m Sorry, Andrew, but at least it fits us exactly, and we will never change a thing about it again!

We initially started with a remodeling company… I would write a book if I could about everything that happened, but I would worry about getting sued, ha.  It. was. a. lot.

I went to my sister’s house and vented, and she told me she would take over. I am so thankful she did it because it is so much more creative, it ended up costing a fraction of what was originally planned, and it fits our style perfectly.  She is truly a genius with design and making it exactly our style.

Here is what it looked like when we saw the house first online:

Here is what it looked like when we moved in in 2018 and then for the next 5ish years.

My sis started by creating a box in the middle of the room and using concrete pieces to give it a heavy feel. We had large pieces of furniture that needed to all be tied together.

She wanted to include subtle horizontal lines to tie in with our furniture and because they create a calm feeling in design.

IMG 6093

She then designed the dimensions of the built-ins and had them made by a contractor we liked.

We splurged on the frame TV because we wanted a TV in this room but didn’t want that to be the focal point, and so now it looks like we constantly have new art on the wall.

IMG 6115

She is the queen of focal points and draws a person into a room by the design.  She makes you want to sit in a room and stare at her creations while feeling calmer than you have in your entire life.

I want to sit on my couch and stare at this wall all day.  It feels peaceful and dramatic all at once:).

IMG 6421

I did style the objects on the shelves, which took me way longer than I care to admit, haha. She was proud of me.

PS Can you believe our home is 55 years old?!

IMG 6429

I also made a short video clip because pictures never do it justice.

You can see what my sister did with our room (the before and after is so good)!  We are just waiting on some lights to go over the table, and then we will be officially done!

When was your space built?  New, old, somewhere in the middle?

What is your favorite space/room where you live?

Bachelor fans what did you think of the finale?

Any running pet peeves you have experienced lately?

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