Please Remember + 80% Increase.

(Bra, shoes, leggings, top)

Some friends are still in marathon training, so we rallied together to help one get in a 20-mile run with a 5-mile tempo in the middle. I finished with 14.6 miles @ 7:36 pace, and I can’t express how happy I am that I took two weeks off after Seville because I’m feeling really good now. Rest is cool.

The wind is not cool, though; I’m amazed we could smile for this picture because our faces were frozen.

Lauren and I went to the gym afterward to get in some weights, and she had us work on our hip flexors.  We lifted the kettlebells with each leg ten times before switching to the other side x 3.  It burned.  Our shoes couldn’t fit inside the kettlebell ha.

IMG 5429

The rest of Saturday was pretty packed between swim lessons…

IMG 5509

Brooke and I shared our favorite frozen hot chocolate.

IMG 5432

The butterfly museum.

IMG 5449

And the carousel.

IMG 5438

I also switched my nails up to my favorite shade of green.

IMG 5512

Then Andrew got off work earlier than expected, and we headed to his parents’ house to visit with his sister, who was visiting.

There is just something about going to their grandparents’ house that puts kids in a very good mood.

IMG 5452

Sunday was as low-key as it comes, and of course, I made another TJ’s 5-item or less meal.

IMG 5514

Cheesy Gnocchi Bake.  This IG account has helped me increase my cooking by 80% because everything is simple.

IMG 5521

I finished The Women in my front yard with tears streaming down my face.  I forced myself to read this one slowly because I’m not sure when Kristin Hannah will release another new book, and I wanted to savor it.  It was incredible.  Her writing makes me feel like I am actually in the scene with them.  I cared so much for the main character and I learned so much about the 1960s from this book and a love for the women who worked as nurses in Vietnam.

IMG 5519

Remember, if your runs feel crummy and resemble feeling like you have the flu, it’s probably because of the time change.  It always kicks my trash for a few days.

IMG 5463


Lifting friends—> At a gym or at home?  

-I usually do it at home, but it’s been fun going to the gym with Lauren (and she is keeping me accountable).

How are you feeling waking up with the time change?

Tell me any highlights from your weekend?

I really want a 5k or 10k to sign up for soon… anyone have one coming up?

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