*I went on a run with Emilee and Lauren for 10 miles @ 8:31 pace.

*My brother sent me his running outfit to offer you all another gift guide.  Let me know if you want the link to his etsy shirt or if you want daily run outfit pics from him.

*I wore Novablast 3s that I got for a killer deal and loved them:

*We watched, ‘Take Care of Maya,’ and wanted to punch the TV screen.  Absolutely most heartbreaking story.  

*I started watching Gilmore Girls with Brooke and it has been so fun to rewatch the episodes.

IMG 8457

*Beck has started to pretend he is a dog most of the day… A stage that each of my kids have experienced.

IMG 8398

*I have become an expert on Steam Engines with all of the books I’ve been reading with Beck.

*My friend superglued her Vaporflys foam back together… these shoes are pricey so you gotta do what you gotta do!

*I went and got a spray tan to trick myself into thinking I live somewhere warm.

*Andrew got a gravel bike and he bought it green (my favorite color) to help soften the price tag😉

*We all needed tummy time after day #2 of Thanksgiving.

*I went to my PT because my left leg hates the track… It’s just a ‘whisper’ but I want to make sure it doesn’t turn into a ‘scream.’ Beck joined me for the fun of dry needling my quadricep.

*We went to get our Christmas tree!



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