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Saucony Guide 17 Introduction

The Saucony Guide 17 is a max-cushioned everyday supportive trainer. It’s been fully redesigned internally and externally.

It offers a plush interior, making it a great choice for workout sessions and daily wear. Saucony has created a shoe that is perfect for long steady runs and leisurely walks.

You’ll notice how stable they feel and that is thanks to the broader base and their signature Center Path technology.

Some other highlights of the Guide 17 would be the PWRRUN+ sock liner coupled with the PWRRUN midsole gives you that cushy feel when you step into them.

They weigh in at Men: 9.4oz (289g) and 
Women: 8.1oz (232g). Visually they look bulky but are quite lightweight. The Guides are known for their stability and it’s obvious that this shoe was built for that. The 6mm offset helps to aid in this feeling, and it’s reduced from 8 mm in Guide 16.

Just like most daily trainers that are out on the market, you’ll pay around $140. This is a reasonable price when comparing them to other brands. With all the technology and updates, I think they are worth that much.

My absolute favorite running shoe would be the Saucony Triumph 21 and the Guides are very similar. Both are max-cushioned daily trainers but obviously the Guide 17’s are more stable.

Other shoes that offer similar technology would be the HOKA Arahi 7 which uses J-frame technology and sidewalls and the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23. Brooks has the GuideRails technology that helps to keep extra movement at bay.

Saucony Guide 17 First Impressions

When I first opened the box I was surprised by how wide the midsole looked but was excited to try them on.

I laced them up and immediately felt how my feet melted into them. Lately, I’ve been wearing firmer shoes to run in so it was a nice change.

I have been training for an ultra so my miles have been a lot longer and slower. I loved wearing these for those long slow runs. There was no break-in period needed and they fit true to size. I also saw that they come in a wide for those who might need them.

My first run in them was an 8-mile run in the pouring down rain. It was also a tad chilly that day. I had no issues with their comfort at all.

If anything, the upper is very spacious and I would want them to feel a little more snug around my midfoot. To solve this problem, I just grab thicker socks. Perfect fit then.

My run was on the road with no set intentions. I just tried to enjoy my run the best I could with the weather conditions I was dealt.

Wearing these extra cushiony shoes made the run more enjoyable. Because of the way the midsole is made, I was able to just run and not have to worry about how my foot would strike the ground.

Saucony makes it so there is no thinking involved just the pure enjoyment of running.

Saucony Guide 17 Upper

The updated upper is made out of a breathable mesh material. It has just enough stretchiness to make you comfortable but not enough to not give you that nice snug fit.

The 17s feature articulated sidewalls that securely wrap your feet to keep them in place. This new upper is lightweight as well as highly breathable which is a fantastic combo.

I ran in them on cold rainy days and warm sunny days. They were warm in the cold and kept me cool on hot days. When they did get wet, I found that they did absorb water but dried quickly.

The Guide 17 has a good amount of material that is used around the heel collar, which gives it a plush fit around the ankle. There’s a built-up heel counter that is semi-firm and gives you a locked-in fit. I experienced no slipping.

Moving on to the tongue, it’s gusseted and padded. It offers a comfortable feel as you lace them up.

Saucony Guide 17 Sole Unit

In my opinion, the sole is where this shoe shines. Saucony has been making magic and moving towards a new direction in the stability area. This new direction takes the traditional methods and upgrades them to help guide your foot forward but also supports you in the process.

A huge debut is Sauconys Center Path Technology. You’ll notice how it helps to guide you down a central path through their individualised gait style.

You’ll notice 3 main features with the new technology: higher side walls, a broader base, and an asymmetrical profile.

Another feature of the midsole is the rocker-shaped geometry. This design helps you to propel forward with less energy.

Even though the Guide 17 has gotten a facelift, you’ll still find some familiarity with their PWRRUN cushioning. It’s an EVA foam that has been a staple of past Guide models. It’s an EVA foam that’s been used for generations but upgrades have been made over the years.

There is a noticeable difference between this year’s PWRRUN with the increased amount that you’ll notice in the underfoot. It’s an additional 2mm of cushioning, compared to last year’s version. Having this added cushioning in your forefoot helps to absorb impact.

Talking about durability, I have run well over 100 miles in them over the past few weeks and there is only slight wear on the sole.

Everything else about the shoe looks brand new. I tested them out on various surfaces and weather conditions and found that they had good traction.

I had no issues with slipping.

Saucony Guide 17 Conclusions

I honestly don’t care for how they look, but I do love how they feel.

They are not shoes I would grab to run a PR, I tend to go for slightly firmer shoes but they are perfect for long-distance runs or walks.

Once again Saucony has won me over and made another shoe I keep grabbing to lace up.

It’s a superb stability shoe that provides you with a smooth like molasses ride.

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