Silentish (not really) Saturday!

(Shirt, shorts, shoes, socks)

20 miles @ 7:27 average!

The goal was to work from an 8:30 mile down to a 6:00 mile (taking 10 seconds off each mile).  I made it down to the 6:20 but Tuesday’s workout had me fatigued and I backed off to a 6:30 for the last two miles after I stopped and took a breather for 2 minutes.   My coach said it didn’t matter what pace I made it to, the goal was to get to a fatigue mile and I did that!

My heat training was keeping my long sleeve on for the run.

Didn’t hit the workout exactly but strava thinks I’m getting fitter so we will go with that.

In-n-Out and last minute gift shopping with Andrew because a certain 6 year old changed her mind regarding what she wants for Christmas.

My brother gave our family a zoo pass for the year for Christmas.


They could have stayed all day.

We finished up the day at the BYU basketball game.

It was a good one.


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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