Silentish Saturday!

(Shorts, shoes, top, vest)

I’m really liking these before a run.

Our Nike ad.

Breathing felt great, legs felt dead.  I did 3 big workouts in 7 days (Saturday, Tuesday, Friday) but with early soccer games today, I had to do it yesterday.

3 mile w/u

3 x 5 miles w/1 mile easy

1-6:38, 38, 32, 34, 33 (6:35 average)

2-6:31, 32, 34, 31, 26 (6:31 average)

3-6:38, 37, 39, 40, 35 (6:38 average)

3 mile c/d

Ummm ending 23 miles with a 7:11 average at 7-11.

Sometimes you just need to grab pizza when you finish your run.

Knox makes errands so fun!

IMG 1875

I needed this.  It wasn’t a want.

IMG 1872


Happy Saturday


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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