Silentish Saturday!

(Hat, shorts, shoes, old rain jacket that did not keep me remotely dry ha)

Coldest and worst feeling run of the season done.

Amazed none of us were no-shows with the wind and rain.

IMG 2461

We all paid the consequence for running in this weather…

No, we did not run on trails… this is just from the roads haha.

Usually, the 6:30 pace feels pretty goodish but it felt like much more work yesterday.  Story of my life with the taper.  15 miles total @ 7:33 pace.

Reading and recovering.

These are really good.

Can’t wait to try this while watching the trials.

IMG 2511

Indoor soccer cheering for Brooke.

Can’t wait to cheer for my friends today (I WANT TO BE THERE IN PERSON WATCHING).

IMG 2479

Tell me three things you have going on today!


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