Silentish Saturday!

(Top, shorts)

We started nice and early for a Friday Long Run.

Goal: 4-mile w/u, 12-mile ladder (below), 2-mile c/d:

IMG 9207

Actual times of the 12 miles:

IMG 9246

It got slick in the canyon and so we decided to turn early.

IMG 9254

I felt horrible—>  Just one of those non-bouncy days but I got it done!

IMG 9244

He inspects my sandwich-making to ensure every portion is covered in pb.

IMG 9247

Took the kids to one of their favorite places-> the Museum of Curiosity.

They love this place.

Edna’s because it sounded amazing.

The best sweet potato fries.


Andrew and his lack of coats has rubbed off on her (and maybe my shorts for a winter run).

We were alllllllll ready for bed when we got home.

Tell me three things you have going on today!

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