Siletnish Saturday + Last 20

(Shirt, pants, shoes)

Not sure how we lucked out with non-slippery roads/trails.

6 mile warm-up and then 3 x 3 miles.  The goal was to stay controlled the first 2 miles of each set and then speed up for the final mile of each set.  Mostly on the roads except for the first 1.5 miles of the 3rd set on the roads.

Last 20 miles until 2/18

IMG 2174

I found a massage chair.

Took Beck for a surprise…

To a tunnel haha.  He has really wanted to go to one.

And I really wanted to roam Target.

Brooke’s appetite is finally back so we went for ice cream.

And played so much ping pong.

Tell me a better french fry.  I dare you.


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