Stressed out of my brain but I’ve got this.

(Crop, shorts… both are the softest material on the planet)

Everyone was still asleep, so I figured I would jump on the bike for a sweat.  Running has always been my #1 way to relieve stress, but there hasn’t been time for that, and I wanted to give my body a break from it anyway.  It’s been 2.5 weeks since St. George and 1.5 weeks since Budapest!  I have no idea when I’ll run again, but I’ll play it by ear.  

Andrew’s injury has taken me to the next level of stress. 

Between being up with him throughout the night (every time he moves, I wake up panicked) and trying to make him somewhat comfortable while taking care of the kids… it feels like a lot.  It really is so weird because I know Andrew is going to be okay, and we are beyond blessed with our circumstances, BUT seeing him in so much pain all of the time has me feeling like I’m going to explode.  This month has been filled with so much distress and eustress (look at my Health teaching days coming back;)

The days feel so busy, and sometimes I don’t even process how I’m feeling until I sit down to write a blog post.… thank you for letting me release a bit to you guys.

Okay, back to less heavy talk.  Alex is now officially my favorite Peloton instructor.  He motivates and plays the best music with less talking while giving you a hard workout.

IMG 7205

My brother-in-law brought Andrew a scooter.  Andrew can be up for about 60 seconds before the pain sets in hard for him, but maybe by next week, he can be on this scooter more.   They say the first two days after surgery are the worst, so I hope today will be much better.  Also, the ER doctors couldn’t believe how quickly he metabolizes medication, so it’s been tricky sticking to the safe timing while knowing he will be in so much pain before he can take more.

Thankfully, Andrew’s work is being too kind to us.  They’ve told him they will have all of his shifts covered until he is ready to return.

IMG 7200

So much amazing food from friends.  We forgot how much we love mango sticky rice!

IMG 7193

I’ve been trying to load Andrew up with food to help him recover—> Superhero Muffins are back in our lives.

IMG 7184

He could live off of this acai bowl from Bowls Superfood.

Somehow, Beck could smell it from the other room and wanted in on the goodness…

It’s amazing what fresh air does for our brains.  

IMG 7187

We had a friend over with Andrew while we saw my niece and nephew run at state.  Their races were back-to-back, which felt too lucky so we could be at both and then home fast.

The girls were so happy to get out and see other humans.

They both did amazing! Their drive as high schoolers is so inspiring to me.

Skye was all about running back and forth and seeing everyone multiple times.

And I was pretty happy to chat with Anna Bennett and Whittni Morgan, both pro runners for Adidas.

Other than running, how do you cope with stress?

Peloton users… who is your favorite instructor currently?

Give me tips on foods/meals to make Andrew to help him speed up his recovery?


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