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(Leggings, top, bra, shoes)

I think I will also start wearing the Adizero for most of my recovery runs.  When my mileage gets high (4 weeks now of 70-75 miles per week), I find that super shoes help take away some of the pounding, so it’s worth it to wear them when my legs need a little help and faster recovery.

An 8 am run was exactly what everyone needed for New Year’s Day.  I could get used to running in the light again.

Hoka and Runner’s Corner teamed up and donated $1 per mile to local youth teams!  Twelve miles @ 8:09 pace for me.

It reminded me of the episode where Michael thinks he is donating $25 to a cause when he is donating $25 a mile, haha.  I never tire of The Office.

We finished at the store, drank hot chocolate, and used their recovery tools.  I tried out the Chirp RPM and fell in love.  I thought there was no way I could put out that kind of cash after the holidays, but then I discovered you can use your HSA on Chirp tools!

I’m going to use it for a bit and then write a full review, but you can see here how it works:

I can’t believe we are getting park days in January.

I’m here for it.

Right into tangents for today:

*What winter restroom stops look like for runners:

IMG 0480

*This diamond.  Ready for a long story?  My grandma on my dad’s side had three granddaughters, and she gave each of us one of her diamonds.  She passed when I was very young, but my parents gave it to me when I was in college.  I then moved to California, and when I moved back to Utah during my divorce, I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I thought it was gone forever.  Fast forward eight years, and my ex was going through some old boxes and found it! I was so relieved.  Fast forward a bit more, and I thought I lost it again in the remodel (clearly, I shouldn’t have nice things) when workers were moving things.  Andrew spent an entire day going through everything we own and found it and then surprised me on Christmas with it put into a necklace.  My favorite Christmas gift ever.

IMG 0736

*Maddie and her sister did the full Taylor Swift workout for 2 hours and 47 minutes.  They were very detailed with this endeavor (they even laminated their chart) and completed over 16 miles while singing the whole way outside.  I am so impressed by them.  They are now questioning Taylor, saying she did this each day… They said it was incredibly hard.

IMG 0733

*My roll recovery stays in the car now.  The track makes my IT band a bit cranky, but it rolls it out nicely before every run.  You know I’m in marathon training when half my posts are about recovery tools…

IMG 0896

*I loved this portion from the Fast Women Newsletter…   Seeing their debut marathon and then their PR is so inspiring.

IMG 1017


Have any tangents today?

Favorite Office episode?

-Forever and always the Injury or the Fun Run.  Any episode where Michael is in it for the majority of the episode.  Once he left, I lost interest.  

Any shows that you never tire of?

Lost and found anything important to you?

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