That awkward moment you realize you’re a 25er

(Bra ((love a little reflection)), shorts)

A 30-minute Peloton ride, and then a hike with my sister.


My neighbor brought fresh homemade sourdough bread, and I have a business idea… Our area has multiple cookie stores (i.e. crumbl) that make it easy for you to buy cookies to be delivered to someone who needs a pick-me-up, congratulations, condolences, etc.

WHY are there no stores that deliver someone hot homemade bread? Nothing cheers up the soul more than bread.

Andrew is now blaming this injury on me. A few hours before the break, I was whining about him having to go to work. I told him I wish we were just a retired couple that spent 24/7 together… I got what I wanted (minus the retirement part;), and now Andrew thinks I’m the one to blame.

I had an awkward moment yesterday. I was getting a bunch of things around the house done when I realized that my workload around the house/animals/kids has increased 75% (eh, 80%) now that Andrew can’t do anything. This means I was doing only 25% (20%) of it all before. Sorry, Andrew. I’ll pick up some more slack around here.

 He did feel a bit better yesterday, so that felt huge.  He gets a boot on Monday!

The girls raked up leaves with the neighbor’s cat that comes over to follow them around daily.

I put Brooke in charge to take Skye to get some pants. She grew out of all of hers in record timing, and it is going to get cold here fast, so she needs pants ASAP. I’m not a huge credit card person, but I love the Gap Card. The card brought the purchase to be 50% off, and then I had a lot of rewards, which made a few outfits and shoes for Beck and Skye crazy cheap.

I think today might have to be a run day. My body and soul are craving it.

I’m so ready to be done with Halloween music haha.  


Do you have any credit cards that you love for the rewards?

Who has a Halloween race this year?  Are you dressing up for it?

Who has a cat?  My girls are dying to have one, but Beretta is not a fan.

What’s your run today, and is it long-sleeve weather yet where you are at?

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