The stress. 200 miles in a tunnel. Little Concerned.

(Top, leggings, shoes)

12.12 miles @ 8:29 average, and peak week is officially halfway over.

I like how my new watch asks me how I feel at the end of the run.  It’s really polite.

The stress of getting your kids into BYU sports camps in the summer… It seriously sold out within 90 seconds.  My fingers hurt afterward from typing so quickly.

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The sun peaked out for about 4 minutes, and Andrew pulled us outside to stand in it and absorb as much as possible.

IMG 2085

Nothing like winter salad out of a bag for second dinner while playing a matching game.m

Because we did nothing much but try everything we could to get Brooke feeling healthy again… Today will be another tangentish day with things that I’ve seen and been deep in thought about:

*I have told you this about 200 times but cannot wait to watch the trials.  Whoever is in the area, maybe we should have a viewing party together? The trials will be Jenny Simpson’s FIRST marathon as she goes for her FOURTH Olympic team!

IMG 2089

*First, I cannot even imagine running 200 miles, let alone IN A TUNNEL IN THE DARK.

IMG 2088

*I’m a little concerned that Andrew and I have not tried the new Costco cookie.  It seems slightly overpriced ($2.50) compared to their other food court items but cheaper than the other cookie establishments.  I haven’t heard the best reviews yet, but I feel like it’s hard to mess up a chocolate chip cookie.

*For some reason, I assumed that the world was split pretty evenly with driving on the right or left side of the road, but when I googled it after one of my kids asked me… I felt weirdly shocked to see the answer.

*I’m rereading this.  I read it many years ago, right after having Skye, and I’m pretty sure I remember 3% of it because I was sleep-deprived, so I decided it was time to dive into it again.

*I finished listening to The Maid (oh, it was so so good) and just started listening to this book.   I swear this is why we all love running; we were made to be uncomfortable.  I forgot who told me about this book, but thank you because I’m enjoying it so far!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this from Jenny, “I have been stalking all the cool Boston Marathon 2024 gear by Adidas. I finally bought myself a cute sweatsuit, and I’m very excited to wear it. Do you think I will jinx myself if I wear it before the race? I was thinking it would be a nice reward and motivating to be able to come home after a long workout and put on my Boston sweats . But I’m also superstitious . Do I need to save the Boston gear until I actually complete the race? I know this might be a controversial topic :)”

What is the most challenging/strange/extreme running race you have heard of? Did you ever go to any summer camps or sports cramps growing up?

-I went to Tennis camp at BYU, which was my favorite summer week.

Who has tried the Costco cookie, and what were your thoughts?  Have a favorite cookie store?

Any guesses on who will make the team for the women at the marathon trials?

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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