Things seen on the run part 3!

Let’s be honest, it was a hard day in a lot of ways and not a lot happened besides a run…

So, today’s post is full of random things I’ve seen on the run in the past few months. You can see my previous post like this here and here!

*It’s not every day that I see passion fruit on the ground during the run.

*Waves crashing towards me in the pouring rain!

*Friends walking towards the sprinklers to save them during a hot run.

*When I run with brooke we stop for each and every animal we see along the way and I love it.

*We met this man on a run the other day. He was on mile 29 of 40. He and his kids are all running their ages this year and I thought that was so cool.

*The perfect ice bath setup!

 *Women playing Hungarian music on the side of the marathon course.

*Pacers carrying their flags in a backpack…. I’ve only ever seen pacers carry theirs with their hands.

*We saw this man multiple times over the 26.2 miles in Budapest and he made us so happy.

Tell me three things you have going on today!

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