Tuesday Tangents!

(Shirt, leggings, shoes)

Twelve miles @ 8:32 pace, and I’m feeling spoiled this winter with clear roads most days.  We dropped our friend off to her finals for her MBA program and explored BYU campus a bit.

The winter sunrises make waking up early worth it.

Let’s get right into the tangents for today:

*Many of you told me to read Winter Garden next, so I went to the bookstore to grab it.  I appreciate your help; I get so sucked into her books that I forget to take care of my own basic needs, haha.

*I was getting a little sick of the banana taste in my smoothies, so my sister told me to add frozen blueberries and throw an entire lemon into the blender.  It tastes like frozen lemonade now;). I’m not sure how I used to ask my body to run the mileage I do in marathon training without the nutrients I’m trying to get in each day, but it’s all part of the journey of learning what our bodies need to feel and run their best.

IMG 0236

*I loved this episode with CJ Albertson and Citius Mag and learning about why he did three marathons in 40 days.  He also talked about his training for the trials, and I am pretty sure I would pass out trying to walk in these conditions.  As part of his training he runs on his treadmill with heat lamps pointed at him and pots of boiling water next to him to prepare for the heat and humidity of Florida.  Can you even imagine?

IMG 0206

*The crib tent has brought back Beck’s much-needed naps.  He is up to 6 books that are a must-read before his naps.  How can you say no to a child asking for one more book?  I cannot.

IMG 0121

*Any other adults find themselves playing rock paper scissors to attempt to get out of doing tasks they do not want to do?

*Sure, I have time goals for Seville, but I also have hair goals, and that is for Brooke to learn how to French braid my hair like this for the race:

*Seville will be my 20th marathon and my first time trying out salt capsules.  I’ve never had them before and think I need to because Seville is likely much warmer than Utah.  Lauren is bringing me one of these to try today before my workout.   I don’t sweat a ton, but because I use Maurten gels, I’m not getting all of the sodium that I need, and maybe these will do the trick…

*Speaking of Lauren, it’s supposed to be 37 degrees for our workout, which obviously means sports bra weather for us;)

IMG 0250

*My race shoes have arrived!  I had a family member who was able to get me one pair for 50% off, which makes me feel like they are extra lucky.

IMG 0076


Have any tangents today?

Salt pills or chews: Have you ever used them?  Which ones?

Last podcast that you listened to?

At what temperature does it turn to tank top/sports bra weather for you?

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