Tuesday Tangents!

Twelve miles @ 8:14 pace to start the morning, and look at that green popping up!

It’s a little creepy with how many pictures I have on my phone of people’s running shoes, but the new Novablast 4s look really pretty, and I can’t wait to try them.

IMG 5858

It was a camp chair on the street while the kids played kind of a day. We should have shopped for groceries but bought rice bowls from 180 Tacos instead.

IMG 5909

Andrew’s friend, Chris Bukard, was in town with his movie–> The Forgotten Coast.

It was incredible. The film was about Chris’s expedition on his bike across 400km of Iceland beaches along with 41 glacial rivers by bikerafting!  It looked like quite the adventure, one that I would much rather watch than do myself, though (a bit dangerous for me;) 


The popcorn and drinks were a highlight of the evening for Skye.


Let’s roll into the tangents for the day:

*It’s my mom’s birthday! I can’t wait to celebrate her today and eat lemon dessert with her!

*Anyone else like to carry around a thing of oats to snack on?

*Their freckles bring me joy. Sometimes, people ask if they are twins, which makes them very happy.

IMG 5850

*My brother let me test drive his Tesla, and now I need one.

*Knox is my deep discussion buddy. His questions and interesting topics make me think about the world, and I love his outlook on situations. This one occurred while he was eating a bean burrito from Taco Bell while we were walking through parking lots.

*Name a better soup than French onion.  I dare you.

*My sister was telling her youngest about a future trip they are going to take, and he said, “I’m just so jealous of my future self.”

*The adidas sale ends tomorrow!  My favorites are all in this post:)


Share some tangents with me!

Has there been anything cute that a child in your life has said recently?

What is your dream car?

Any desire to do a crazy adventure?

-I really want to do something like hike Mount Kilimanjaro with Andrew.

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