Tuesday Tangents! – The Hungry Runner Girl

A 12-mile run + some strength training—> I’m front-loading this week because I’m not sure how much I’ll be running later this week!

When Andrew got out weights to strength train, Brooke wanted to join in, too…

And then we were off for the day… The broken leg didn’t teach him much a few months ago; he is still running around wherever we go, chasing the kids.

IMG 6747

We went swimsuit shopping for Brooke, and these two were pooped by the end… But we left with what we needed because it is spring break here!

IMG 6749

And now for the tangents today:

*My nephew recently got home from his 2-year church mission!  My brother and his entire family went skiing a few days later, and this picture made me so happy.  He said it was a workout getting everyone to the top of the mountain.

*I am my most dramatic self at the end of the race.

IMG 6613

*When you run a race and switch in and out of shoes for the race/warm-up/cool-down, and then don’t realize until you get home to do weights that you’ve been wearing two different lengths of socks:

IMG 6613

*My current pre-run food—> the perfect sweet and salty combo.

IMG 6735 2

*This was my first time seeing this at a race, and I thought it was brilliant.  They had a QR code set up so you could quickly get your results right after the race.

IMG 6607

*It’s incredible how my brain can send sirens to my body that I’m about to collapse, yet I can still remember to pause my Garmin simultaneously at the finish line.

*Somebody is extremely excited about her new soccer team.  Andrew is the coach, and we will live on the fields with three different soccer teams.

IMG 6620

*If you have leftover Cadbury eggs, you must make these cookies that my nieces made for us.

*Beck could be as busy as can be doing an activity, and then I will open my book, and he will sense that I am about to pay attention to something else and climb on top of me.  10/10 times this happens.

*I finished Angel Falls and gave it a B+ rating.  Kristin Hannah is my favorite author, but I wouldn’t have been able to tell this was one of her books if I didn’t know beforehand.  It was still VERY good and kept me very interested in the storyline, but it felt much different than her more recent novels (this one was written in 2000).


What are you eating before your runs these days?

What grade would you give to the last book you read?

Anything cool you have seen at a race lately?

When is spring break in your area?

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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