Tuesday Tangents – The Hungry Runner Girl

I’m still riding that inspired feeling after watching the trials on Saturday… I think I will always plan to race a marathon shortly after the trials every four years because of how I feel right now.

And now we will dive straight into the tangents floating through my head:

*Free hot chocolate on rainy days for kids at In-n-Out always motivates us to get some burgers.

*There is a lot going on with Taylor Swift’s situation with football.  I understand she has brought a lot of new fans and money to the NFL and the Chiefs, BUT as I was watching the trials on Saturday… I thought about how annoying it would be if they kept switching off what was happening during the race with whom one of the athletes was dating.  It would drive me up the wall, so I guess I can see both sides of the argument.  I’m not a huge football fan and love a good love story, but I would be very bugged if it took up all of the attention while watching an event I am passionate about.

*The Comfort Crisis said, “Brazilian Researchers found that people who are able to detach from their emotions during exercise, for example, not thinking about or putting a negative feeling on their burning legs, almost always perform better.” <– It reminds me of my friend who told me he tries not to feel when I asked him how his workout went.  I’ll be doing this on 2/18.

*Connor’s Strava made me happen. It did look like they were just out for a morning run.

*Valentine’s Day nails are ready.

IMG 2591

*My nephew decided to go down to St George a week ago and run a half marathon. He finished under 1:40… Now, to see what he can do with some proper training!

*I was invited to a celebration party for the Utahn Olympic Trials (i.e., CLAYTON AND CONNOR), but we will already be in Spain.  Do I push our plane tickets back a few days;)

*My favorite picture from the trials:

 IMG 2589

*I’m done with electronics. Over the weekend, an AirPod got flushed down the toilet, and the remote control went through the washing machine.

*Brooke and I cannot stop eating these. I love pickle flavoring more than I love pickles. 

IMG 2613

They will still match, and I’m holding onto that for as long as I can.

IMG 2611

I need to know your answer to this (mine would be The Office, but only if it was like the first six seasons and not like the last 3):

Do you have any tangents for me today?

What are your thoughts on the Taylor Swift football argument?!

Please help me feel better about any mistakes youve made with electronics recently.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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