Tuesday Tangents + Therapy Moment

(Shirt, shorts, shoes)

When I entered the door, Knox told me I had pulled a Knox;).  I had put my shirt back on after the hill repeats backward, but I think my body was too tired to notice after 12 x 200m hill sprints.

It was the prettiest morning.

And luckily, we had markers on the road for our 200m hill sprint finish.

We did a 3-mile w/u, drills, then started them conservatively and sped up with each one.  We did a 200m jog back down on the grass to the start of the repeats, followed by a c/d.  We ended with 10 miles @ 8:18 pace.

Lauren called me out on how much I lie to myself (and her) leading up to a workout…

I have found my favorite use for the Adizero.  Uphill sprints.. these babies make you feel like you are bounding up the hill.  My friend told me that hill sprints are the best ‘form fixer’ because they help you with your knee drive and running efficiently to get to the top.

I did a few errands with Andrew between his meetings and then all of the kid’s events for the remainder of the day!

Now for a few tangents:

*I think it makes sense why I’m feeling better these days… A blender of greens a day:)

*Beck earned brownie points the other night when he turned on my electric blanket to prepare it for me…

IMG 8162

*Thank you, Beth, for sharing this idea for Andrew…. Next year, we will leave it up.

*Picking paint out with my sister…

*I loved this article that included the seven principles to help you find your flow when running…. That flow state during a run is everything.  My kids are so good at getting into the flow state when they do something they love.

Screen Shot 2023 11 10 at 7 09 29 PM

*This article talks about London Marathon Myths and the truth… ummm I had no idea the odds were so low to get into the race:

Screen Shot 2023 11 08 at 6 21 19 PM

*’ The Truth Behind ‘Runner’s High’ and Other Mental Benefits of Running.’ I always thought that the endorphins were what I was chasing… PS I had an interesting experience in therapy years ago.  My therapist brought up a really hard experience I had and asked me what it made me feel… All I could think of that day in response to her question was, “I want to go on a run right this second.”  My brain was trying to get me to do something that would help me to relax when I was remembering a situation.  Luckily, my therapist was able to work with me through the event (EMDR for the win) and help me gain some additional coping mechanisms. Still, it was so interesting to me how badly I wanted to pick up and leave her office and go for a run in my boots and jeans because my brain/body knew that would help ease the pain I was feeling.  

Screen Shot 2023 11 08 at 6 35 19 PM


Random Q—> Have you ever gotten some terrible advice for your running?  

Who has run the London Marathon?  Who has tried to get in?

Ever do hill sprints?  Any things that help you with them?

Have a heated blanket or anything like that that helps you get through the winter?

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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