Tuesday Tangents!

(Leggings ((SO warm but size down in them)) top) I am labeling this run–> ‘The time I wondered why my parents ever moved us from St. George to a freezing area.’  This is a huge tangent, but I wonder if Andrew and I ever saw each other in Elementary School.  We were there together for one year in St. George, but I was two grades above him… I wonder if we ever crossed paths?

I love where we live; I just needed to throw a mini temper tantrum that this will be my next four months.

Because Seville is a flat marathon, I will do more runs on the treadmill this winter. Last winter, I was training for Boston and felt like I needed to be out on the hills every day, but I will most definitely be on the treadmill this year when it is bad out.

Back to my daily tradition:

Brooke called my blender my new Stanley… and she is right.  


Brooke and I decided that if there is any sunlight for the next few months, we need to be out on the porch soaking it up together.



Let’s move into some tangents!



 *We made this fantastic sandwich bread. I will be making it again.



*Turns out there is no amount of fruit that can cover up the taste of arugula and tat soi in a smoothie…. Back to power greens at Costco for me!

*Please make this ice cream dessert and top it with some hot fudge!

*If you want the dreamiest crescent rolls, my niece made these (she made 96, haha). I’ll be making this recipe for the rest of my life now.

*Andrew jumped into my brother and SIL’s cold plunge.  We were thinking about getting one but remembered that we could just lay down in the snow in our backyard for what feels like ten months of the year.

*This story is heartbreaking.

*BRILLIANT tip from my SIL—> Game Bags to keep everything organized.

*Everyone was so happy to see Brooke, and now they are counting down the minutes until Knox is back, too.

*Today’s workout should be fun—> 5-mile tempo (starting at 6:30 and working down a bit) + 5 x 1 min on/off!  

Have any tangents to share today?

Best Christmas movie(s)?

What year did you graduate high school?

*2004 for me and 2006 for Andrew.

Ever do a cold plunge?

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