Under Armour HOVR Machina 3 Clone Review

Under Armour HOVR Machina 3 Clone Introduction

Weighing in at 11.7 oz, this medium cushioned shoe is best suited for neutral runners who demand versatility. They are designed with an 8mm heel-toe drop coming from 25mm in the toe and 33mm height in the heel. The Machina 3s underwent a redesign from the previous model but are still utilizing UA’s popular HOVR midsole.

Pricing for this shoe retails at $150 which is consistent with previous models. For what you get, I think the Machina 3s are a little overpriced.

Compared to the Nike Pegasus 40, priced at $130, the Machina 3s have a similar ride, but are almost an oz heavier.

Under Armour HOVR Machina 3 Clone First Impressions

Looking over these shoes for the first time, there were two things that came to mind. First, the colors were cool and unique. They have the Maryland color vibe of red, yellow and black. Under Armour is a brand established in Baltimore, Maryland and still has its headquarters there today. My second reaction was about the upper, YIKES! Not sure who made the call to use this material, but I digress.

When I tried them on, they felt quite comfortable. My size 11s were true to size and the width felt typical for a running shoe. I really liked the lacing system as they were easy to lace and I could quickly and consistently lace them each time I put them on.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the shoes so my first run was an easy 5k. They had a familiar feel to them. Oddly, it took a few runs to figure out if I liked these shoes or not. I certainly wasn’t wowed by them but I also didn’t dread lacing them up the next time.

Under Armour HOVR Machina 3 Clone Upper

The first and most obvious talking point is the design. The UA Clone material is a really strange choice for a shoe. UA claims that they stretch and adapt to each individual’s stride. While this might be true, there are many more attractive upper materials that could produce the same benefit but make the shoe so much better looking.

Beyond the looks, I thought the upper offered a standard width and was true to size. The Clone material was stretchy and supportive and hugged my feet for a comfortable ride.

I was able to lace the shoes consistently each and every time for a solid heel lockdown. No slipping, sliding or rubbing from anywhere on the shoe, which means no blisters.

The Clone upper is also not super breathable. If you live in warmer climates, I might advise against them. Even though I did most of my testing in winter months, I still noticed my feet sweating.

Under Armour HOVR Machina 3 Clone Sole Unit

UA has been using HOVR technology in the midsole of running shoes for a few years now. They describe HOVR as cushioning that reduces impact, returns energy and helps propel you forward. There is a noticeable difference between the firmness of the midsole foam in the heel vs forefoot and toe. The heel is soft and forgiving which gives runners a gentle landing. The forefoot and toe are more firm which will help move you through the gait cycle.

The outsole is composed of beefy durable rubber materials that were built for the long haul. This also aided in the above average traction that comes with the Machina 3s. I’ve run in both dry and wet conditions and these shoes performed well and gripped the road with each step.

The ride of these shoes was just average. I wouldn’t use words like effortless and smooth, which was disappointing.

Running a few miles did not present an issue, but the longer runs became uncomfortable and I had to focus more on my stride to avoid soreness during and after runs.

This is an area that Under Armour could improve this shoe most in future models.

Under Armour HOVR Machina 3 Clone Conclusions

I wasn’t wild about the looks or feel of this shoe at first. But the more I ran in them, the more I enjoyed the ride and durability. They will last for many miles and are optimal for colder conditions.

I’ll be interested to see how Under Armour improves the Machina line in the future.

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